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Thread: Genesect Discussion Thread (Pokebank Gen 6)

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    So, while we're on the topic of Drives, what if Drives changed Genesect's type? I.E. Douse Drive Genesect would be a very respectable Water/Steel type. Losing STAB on U-Turn might be a bit of a slap in the face, but gaining an amazing defensive typing and STAB on Techno Blast would be pretty amazing. Same thing with the other drives.

    Hell, that would maybe be a reason to use a Drive without using Techno Blast.
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    Type-changing drives would be really interesting, giving Genesect a powerful STAB Technoblast like Arceus's Judgement. The surprise factor would also be good, as Douse drive Genesect would now be able to heavily damage unsuspecting Heatran. I doubt that Gamefreak will make drives change Genesect's type though - they're more of a software download than a physical type-change.

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