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Thread: Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

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    Jan 2009
    midwest US


    Friend Code: 1693-2270-2246
    Pokemon in my Safari: Fraxure, Noibat, Sliggoo
    Pokemon I'm looking for:
    Bug: Combee
    Dark: Inkay
    Dragon: Dragonair, Sliggoo
    Electric: Emolga, Luxio
    Fairy: Clefairy, Floette blue, Swirlix
    Fighting: Mienfoo
    Fire: Charmeleon, Clefairy, Growlithe, Pyroar
    Flying: Hawlucha, Woobat
    Grass: Gogoat, Ivysaur, Maractus, Panpour, Pansage, Sawsbuck
    Ground: Camerupt
    Ice: Dewgong
    Normal: Aipom
    Steel: Excadrill, Ferroseed, Metang
    Water: Krabby

    If you just want my Safari, feel free to PM me even if you don't have one of the Pokemon above. =)
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    May 2014
    Quebec GMT -5


    Friend Code: 5086-1917-7632
    Pokemon in My Safari: Electrode, Stunfisk, Manectric
    Feel free to send me a PM if you want anything in my Safari, I will add pretty much anyone!

    On the great quest to collect all the Safaris! What I need so far:

    Normal: Aipom, Teddiursa, Audino, Chansey, Smeargle
    Bug: Volbeat
    Dark: Mightyena, Crawdaunt, Liepard, Inkay
    Dragon: Dragonair
    Electric: Electrode, Emolga, Electabuzz
    Fairy: Kirlia, Spritzee, Swirlix, Clefairy
    Fight: Meditite, Mienfoo, Throh, Breloom, Hariyama
    Fire: Ponyta, Pyroar, Ninetales
    Flying: Pidgey, Spearow, Tranquill, Woobat, Rufflet
    Ghost: Shuppet, Spiritomb, Golurk
    Grass: Sunkern, Ivysaur, Swadloon, Maractus
    Ground: Trapinch, Nincada, Camerupt, Gastrodon
    Ice: Delibird, Dewgong
    Poison: Muk
    Psychic: Abra, Grumpig, Wobbuffet, Gothorita, Duosion
    Rock: Barbaracle
    Steel: Magneton, Skarmory, Klang, Klefki
    Water: Panpour, Floatzel
    3DS FC: 5086-1917-7632
    Pokémon Y

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    Dec 2013
    Missouri, USA


    My friend code is 2020-0737-2362 Water(Krabby, Floatzel, Frogadier)

    The only particular one I am after right now is Ferroseed. I am mostly hunting all Hidden Abilities so message me and I will probably add you.
    Friend Safari: 2020-0737-2362 Water(Krabby, Floatzel, Frogadier)

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    Jan 2014


    3ds Friend Code: 0344-9580-0771
    3dsXL Friend Code: 5086-2651-6906
    Pokemon in my 3ds Safari: Lampent, Phantump, Drifblim
    Pokemon in my 3dsXL Safari: Ponyta, Larvesta, Ninetales
    Pokémon I am Looking For: Magneton, Klang, Ivysaur
    3ds Friend Code: 0344-9580-0771
    3dsXL Friend Code: 5086-2651-6906
    IGN Pokemon Y: Gregory
    IGN Pokemon X: Greg
    IGN Pokemon OR: Greg
    IGN Pokemon AS: Gregory
    Pokemon in My 3ds Safari:Phantump
    Pokemon in My 3dsXL Safari:
    Current prized shiny:

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    Nov 2015


    3DS XL Friend Code: 3196 - 6799 - 6143

    Pokemon in my Safari: Cacturne, Nuzleaf, Liepard

    Pokemon I'm looking for: Can I say "Everything"? I don't have any friends on my 3DS so I'd like to invite anyone.
    If not, it would be

    Normal: Eevee, Chansey
    Bug: Pinsir
    Dragon: Noibat, Sliggoo, Gabite
    Dark: Pawniard, Sneasel, Sableye
    Electric: Galvantula
    Fairy: Kirlia, Togepi, Mawile
    Fight: Rilou
    Fire: Growlithe, Larvesta, Charmeleon, Fletchinder, Braixen
    Flying: Tranquill, Rufflet, Fletchinder
    Ghost: Dusklops
    Grass: Sawsbuck, Ivysaur, Quilladin
    Ground: Camerupt, Gastrodon, Trapinch
    Ice: Lapras, Piloswine, Cloyster
    Poison: Toxicroak, Muk
    Psychic: Gothorita, Wobbuffet
    Rock: Pupitar, Shuckle, Rhydon
    Steel: Klefki, Metang, Skarmory
    Water: Wartortle, Frogadier, Azumaril
    My 3DS Friend code: 3196 - 6799 - 6143
    Hoping to make lots of friends!

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    Jul 2015


    Friend Code: 1908-0931-8571
    My Friend Safari Pokemon: Helioptle, Zebstrika, Electrode
    Friend Safari I am looking for: Water/Grass/Flying/Posion/Fairy/Normal
    Fc 190809318571 ign for y Aaron
    My friend safari has electrode, zebstrika, helioptile

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