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Thread: Friend Safari Thread V2 ~*READ THE RULES OR DIE!*~

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    Apr 2010


    FC: 4699-8801-6897
    Psychic safari with Grumpig, Espurr and Duosion
    Looking for anything.
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    3DS FC: 4699-8801-6897

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    Jul 2006


    Friend Code: 1719-4249-5926

    My Safari: Dark-Type: Pawniard, Cacturne, and Sableye.

    Looking for: Onix, Ivysaur, Pidgey, Teddiursa, Eevee, Gabite, Dragonair, Shelgon, Druddigon [no Noibat or Sliggoo plz], Togepi, Clefairy, Growlithe, Fletchinder, Magneton, Poliwhirl and Camerupt.


    Also accepting more Steel, Flying, Poison, Ghost, Ice, Dragon, and Fairy type safaris, only condition is no Sliggoo or Noibat or Hoothoot or Snubbull. Also if you have Floette I'd like to have White, Orange, or Yellow flowers.

    Also looking specifically for a Boldore, Onix, Rhydon/Barbaracle Rock type Safari. Finally if you're gonna PM about my Safari at least put what yours is so I'm not guessing.
    The awesome Dragonite has been claimed by me.

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    FC: 5172-0946-8943
    Pokemon in my safari: Fighting- Mienfoo, Pancham, and Riolu.
    Pokemon I am looking for: (A lot) Audino, Chansey, Eevee, Shuckle, Charmeleon, Ponyta, Breloom, Tyrogue, Sneasel, Snorunt, All Fairy Types (These are the main ones, there are plenty of others I still don't have)

    PM me if you'd like to exchange FCs! Also happy to add anyone looking for my Safari Pokemon to help them out
    3DS FC: 5172-0946-8943 IGN: Novak
    Friend Safari: Fighting- Mienfoo, Pancham, Riolu
    Shiny Dex: 155

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    FC: 0920-1803-2962
    Safari: Normal - Lillipup, Loudred, Chansey
    Looking for: Chansey, Eevee, Sneasel and Ditto. But I'll add any safari as there's many that I don't have
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    Friend Code: 5215-2723-2820

    My Safari: Steel- Mawile, Skarmory and Excadrill

    Looking for: Any, but would like ones with Starters or Hawlucha in
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