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Thread: Community POTW #004

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    Quote Originally Posted by jesusfreak94 View Post
    there's one move that was brought to my attention just before the official ban announcement on Smogon, and that move it Knock Off. In case you were unaware, Knock Off has been boosted to 65 BP and while the opponent has an item, it does 1.5x its usual damage before knocking off the opponent's item and reverting to its original power. This essentially means that Blaziken has a 97 BP Dark-type coverage move that does a little extra harm by removing items
    Mega+SDance bye lugia/giratina
    Azumarill is still an issue though I forgot to write about

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    My Blaziken set :

    Mega Blaziken
    Item : Blazikenite
    Ability : Speed Boost
    Nature : Jolly
    Evs :252 Attack/252 Speed/4 HP

    Power Up Punch
    Blaze Kick/Flare Blitz
    Swords Dance

    Protect to Get speed boost and scout.If the opponent has supereffective you can switch out,If not it will use swords dancePower up punch to change hi jump kick's very bad recoil and get one attack boost.Blaze kick because there is no recoil

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    This is my preferred Blaziken set:

    +252 ATK, +252 SPEED, + 4 HP
    -Flare Blitz
    -High Jump Kick
    -Swords Dance/Baton Pass/Hone Claws
    w/Life Orb, Leftovers, Blazikenite

    My current Blaziken, an Adamant which I got as the download, is still kicking strong in my Battle Box with the set with Swords Dance. Protect as usual, then start killing things. Swords Dance only if you can force a switch, which is quite rare now in-fact. Recently, the only way I can Swords Dance would be if Vaporeon was capable of passing him a Substitute. That's why the new Blaziken I made has Baton Pass instead of Swords Dance. With an impressive 120 Attack and 2 130 Base Power moves, the only situation where you might need Swords Dance at the moment is against tough walls and/or resistant Pokémon. But in that case I've got better Pokémon to handle that. If Blaziken would not be able to handle the threat, protect for a Speed Boost one turn and then Baton Pass to the other Pokémon. That Pokémon, with the Speed Boost advantage, usually now has enough speed to outrun the thing he or she is going to counter. Hone Claws gets a mention if the 90% miss-then-half-HP recoil scares you, and 180 is more comparable to 240 after one boost from both moves. But you're going to be setting up longer whenever you face walls.

    For items, Life Orb provides the power to make opponents dead and make sure they stay dead. Leftovers get surprisingly good healing, especially if Blaziken Protects every turn. Blazikenite is my last option as while the Mega Form gets a big boost on Attack, it does not change Blaziken's role. If you don't have other Pokémon needing to go Mega, however, Blazikenite should be the go to item. Baton Pass Blaziken would appreciate going Mega, as the lack of a boosting move means he will be relying on his own power to get things done.

    The first and foremost partner of Blaziken should be Sun callers. Ninetales was the partner from previous generations, but he now gains another ally in Mega Charizard Y. Mega Charizard Y has great synergy with Blaziken, as he can switch in on the Earthquakes Blaziken so fears. And while not resistant, Blaziken has more courage switching in to Rock Attacks, especially if it comes from Mega Charizard Y's greatest nemesis, Tyranitar, and High Jump Kick the false tyrant silly. MCY also has a terrifying 159 Special Attack, burning the enemies Blaziken can't kick a hole into, and he would definitely appreciate a Speed Boost pass from Blaziken; a +1 Speed Mega Charizard Y is very hard to stop.

    Ninetales, however, is still a worthy partner, as while Mega Charizard Y brings power with it's sunlight, Ninetales brings longevity. MCY is forced to carry a Charizardite Y to call the sun, while Ninetales doesn't. This means he can carry a Heat Rock (and the only viable carrier at that), prolonging the sun Blaziken oh so enjoys. This also frees up the Mega slot, so if Blaziken needs to go Mega, Ninetales is his only best friend.

    Another partner I have in my team would be Vaporeon. The tough little tank, while not particularly fighting well in the sun, still does his role well with our without it, and that is to pass gargantuan subs and full HP healing wishes. A Blaziken passed with a Substitute is just asking to do a sweep, as he can do a Swords Dance without fear of retaliation. Wish is also useful for when Flare Blitz recoil and/or High Jump Kick has taken it's toll, and you have decided not to send out Blaziken in a blaze of glory to live to fight another day. He can also absorb the water attacks meant for Blaziken and get healed, and he can also take in the other attacks that would do in Blaziken.

    The other -eon Blaziken would love to have is Espeon. Magic Bounce would protect Blaziken from hazards. He hates Spikes, Stealth Rock, yada yada, but the thing he hates most like the plague would be Sticky Web. While the others reduce the amount of Flare Blitzes he can do, Sticky Web just outright forces him to use Protect on the first turn JUST TO GET BACK TO BASE SPEED 80. Espeon would bounce back all those things and force the hazard entry to switch out or attack. Espeon can then provide Dual Screens so that Blaziken's entry would be easier, in which case he would proceed to pound the snot of whoever is out.

    Speaking of hazard entries, the setter Blaziken has most synergy with is Klefki. While Klefki hates the sun, his resistances work well with Blazikens aside from Ground-attacks. Klefki can also setup the hazards and screens Blaziken would appreciate to make his entry easier and his enemies sure to be OHKO'ed.

    The premier counter I see in the metagame for Blaziken is the roasting bird, Talonflame. Blaziken has no hope on this one, as no matter how fast he gets, his frail frame would always fall to priority Gale Wings Brave Bird or Acrobatics.

    Chandelure is also another premier counter for this Blaziken. Flash Fire will absorb Flare Blitz, High Jump Kick won't hit, and then fire back Shadow Ball. Beware setting up on Blaziken though, as he may just be stalling to get Speed Boosts, and then Baton Pass unto something you can't handle.

    Blaziken gets more dangerous and harder to check and counter once he sets up and/or receives support though, most particular of all is Drought. Azumarill would be able to take both of Blaziken's attacks, and fight back with STAB Aqua Jet. However, be careful when facing Blaziken in the Sun and if he has +2 SD Boost. Aqua Jet will fail to OHKO at this point, and Azumarill won't be able to use Play Rough as he'll be eating a Flare Blitz which is sure to OHKO him. Gliscor would also laugh at Blaziken's High Jump Kick, survive a Flare Blitz, and OHKO back with Earthquake. In fact, my Gliscor once killed a Blaziken by protecting when the poor sap used High Jump Kick. But put a Swords Dance on that and/or the sun and he won't like Flare Blitz or High Jump Kick either. Dragonite can also be a good check, as he can survive a +2 or a Drought boosted Flare Blitz (but not both), and OHKO with Earthquake or Hurricane.

    Blaziken is a very hard Pokémon to counter. His increasing speed means he'll almost be sure to get first strike. And many Pokémon who can check or counter him cannot do so if he gets the correct conditions. In the metagame so far, a +4 Swords Dance Drought boosted Mega Blaziken would be the definition of Armageddon, unless you have Talonflame to save the day \(^o^)/.

    EDIT: While unreleased yet until the Bank opens, another Partner that can work well with Blaziken would be Gliscor. Gliscor can learn Defog, which is an absolute peach for Blaziken who will love the removal of all entry hazards as well as absorb his Earthquakes, and can even lay down his own Stealth Rocks. Gliscor is also an Ice-attack bait, which Blaziken can use as an entry turn, and proceed to, once again, beat the snot out of whoever is outside.
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    Anyone saying Red is a good trainer please explain to me how he can have a Jolteon get OHKO'ed by a Thunderbolt. From a Rhyhorn.

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    Mega Blaziken
    Blaze w/ Blazikenite
    Adamant w/ 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 6 HP
    Blaze Kick/Flare Blitz
    Brick Break/Sky Uppercut/Low Sweep
    Shadow Claw
    Stone Edge/Swords Dance

    Defensive pokemon with Water/Ground/Flying/Psychic-type moves like Psychic Spiritomb, Hippowdon, Gliscor, Wash/Fan Rotom, Gorebyss, and Feraligatr.
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