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Thread: Venonat Help Please?

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    Exclamation Venonat Help Please?

    Yeah, I am running a bug type team on my current run through of pokemon silver. I am using scyther, beedrill, ledian, heracross, venonat, and pinsir. I have all but pinsir and venonat. I have to wait a few days before i can get pinsir throught the bug contest. I know you can get a venonat through the contest also, but I want to get on before so i can train it in the meantime. The pokedex says it can be found on Rt. 43 (right below Lake of Rage). I have searched forever but can't find it. Here's the I have to wait until night time, is he found by head butting a tree? How can I find this damn venonat. Please Help!

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    It is found in the grass, but it seems like it can only be found in the morning (5% chance of appearing) or night (15% chance).
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