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    Has any1 thougt of giving scrafty a liechi berry? With 252 evs and a 31 iv in speed, along with 1 or 2 dragon dances scrafty is outspeeding a lot more things than u might think.

    The Crafty Scrafty
    -Dragon Dance
    -Hi Jump Kick/Drain Punch
    -One of the elemental punches/poison jab
    Evs (252 atk, 252 spd, 4hp)
    Nature- Jolly(+spd, -sp. Atk)
    Item- Liechi Berry

    Try to get up at least one or two dragon dances so u can b pretty fast. When ur hp gets low, the liechi berry shuld activate, raising ur attacks to even higher levels. Just start knocking out pokes and rack up moxie boosts as u will already b strong to begin with. Fairies are pretty easy to work around as most of them r specially defensive. U could carry poison jab to ko fairies with a very strong poison jab or if u want some extra coverage, u could carry one of the elemntal punches as u could kill a fairy with a +3-5 punch. For other pokes u could smother them with hi jump kick or increase ur longetivity with drain punch. Crunch is there for STAB purposes because fighting and dark get excllent coverage

    I haven't actually tested this set, but i really think this set should b tested
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