oh boy, wanna say a lot of things on the various subjects this thread touches on.... I might go into a few rants, so brace yourselves.

I wouldn't complain about Nyaasu and Persian battling. We haven't seen a Persian in action since the Orange Islands, and we almost never see a Nyaasu other than Rocket Dan's, let alone one that seems extremely battle competant. I've been saying this since sometime shortly after AG started, but Nyaasu really appears to be the number 2 bigshot Pokemon only after Pikachu itself, and Nyaasu In Boots seems to be their way of showing this particular Pokemon species in a good light (it's not exactly the talking Nyaasu that the species is so well-known for, but a Nyaasu nontheless). I anticipate seeing a good fight between Pikachu and this Nyaasu, two extremely popular Pokemon in a conflict that doesn't involve Pikachu blowing something away with one attack.

Elebuu and Sawamular getting screentime, though, yeah, they got enough. Like you said, a Kapoera or, as someone mentioned in the preview thread for that episode, a Nokotchi, or some other Jouto Pokemon whose only noteworthy appearance was a forgettable filler would've been nice. Speaking of Jouto Pokemon, I agree with everyone else, they really have gotten the shaft. It's one thing for the GSC generation to have a reputation of the worst adaption in the entire anime, and for the Jouto Pokemon to not even get good showcasing in what's rightfully their tournament, but the abuse didn't end there. The continent of Kantou got to be rereleased in the advanced generation of games, while Jouto's nowhere in sight. Fire Red and Leaf Green also appear to be a hit, getting their own adaption in the Special manga, as well as several cameo appearances by old Pokemon in the anime (plus Haruka even getting one such Pokemon herself). Colloseum (what would roughly be considered the GSC Pokemon's game in the current generation), meanwhile, flopped. Apparently, it's so bad, it can't even get any manga or anime adaption of its own, and to add insult to injury, they divide all the remaining GSC Pokemon between Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Emerald, making Colloseum seem obsolete for those trying to obtain them. Now, I myself am of the majority that thought the Jouto anime saga totally sucked, it had quite a few rather lousy Pokemon, and yes, Satoshi's team was pathetic. I don't see why they feel the need to completely screw over the generation, though, especially when quite a few Jouto Pokemon are actually extremely cool, and Satoshi did have a couple worthwhile team members (aside from the obvious Heracross and wasted-potential Yorunozuku, I really adored his Bayleef. Can't hold a candle to my liking of his current grass-type, but I still adored her, and she's a helluva lot more likeable than Fushigidane IMO). Maybe if there is a Battle Frontier saga, they may get a little retribution.

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Yes Torkoal and Swellow might finaly get some hardcore Hoenn action! Torkoal got only one gym battle and Swellow got three but they haven't been used recently. Torkoal needs some action right? But asusual Glalie, Grovlye, Pikachu will get it all. I don't care about Corphish its kinda in the middle.
um.... Oosubame got 3 gym battles, two of which had it being the main showcase, and you say it doesn't get much action? What kind of rock have you been hiding under? The guy's been neglected as a Subame, true, but after his evolution, he's gotten enough screentime to more than make up for that. In fact, his screentime only dwindled after Fuu & Ran's gym battle, which was where Yukiwarashi came to take some last-minute spotlight with its training. If anything, Coatoise and Heigani are the ones waiting for some much-needed action, and to some extent, Onigohri (face it, he's been stealing the spotlight with his training the past 20 episodes, but he's never actually won a battle) and Juptle (I know, he got plenty of screentime since his days as a Kimori, but the guy's never had a victory since that double battle against Nuou and Todozeruga, and while I accept his loss against Lovecus as being a bit realistic, it was still very humiliating for a Pokemon like him nontheless and needs to be repented by now. I anticipate his evolution very soon). So long as Satoshi's agreeing to use his Houen team, though, we probably shouldn't worry about who gets how much screen time. Dividing such a thing between only 6 Pokemon is a helluva lot easier than dividing between a team plus several reserves.

So like, in the screenshots, I noticed Takeshi, Haruka, and Masato looking shocked while Satoshi talked with Ookido. Is that because of him declaring he wouldn't use his reserves? Also, in one screenshot, it looked like Ookido was looking away from the video camera. Anyone know what that's about?