Bleh. I'm not that dissappointed about not getting to see any of Satoshi's Kanto team. Although I would like to see Fushigidane or Betabaton again, it's his Johto team that really needed some time in the spotlight. Being overshadowed in the last leage and then not even being allowed to compete in this one at all.. it just sucks.

In some ways I would like to see Satoshi not do so well in this league for neglecting his underused Johto pokémon *coughHeracrosscough*, but on the other hand I would like to see Heigani kick some serious arse so people will finally shut up about him 'needing' to evolve.

And not surprisingly the writers missed another chance to do something cool with the show. Although I never thought it would actually happen, this would have been a great time for Satoshi to get his Pijotto or Okorizaru back, since they were screwed over even more than Heracross or Yorunozuku. His other Kanto pokémon aside, if anyone thinks Pijotto and Okorizaru don't deserve more screentime you're an idiot. :P