What an Excellent episode to start the Ever Grande Competition. I really liked seeing May get excited at trying the Ever Grande food and I liked seeing Brock go wild in the Pokemon Center with all the Joy's and Jenny's their. Nice to see that Ash id going with all his Hoen Caught Pokemon instead of reallying on his other Pokemon it really shows him growing as a trainer, also it's nice to ksee he got a new rival in Tyson who I think is much better than Morrison. I got a kicked out of both Meowths arguing and TR's Meowth getting jealous and worked up over Tyson's Meowth. Both Jessie and James definitely had on some great disguises they looked just like Joy and Jenny it's a shame that next time Tr dresses up as Joy or Jenny they decided to go with a cardboard mask instead of actually trying to look the part. Good luck to Both Ash and Tyson in their coming battles.