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Thread: Like A Meowth To Flame (402)

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    Rachael Lillis is better at Jenny than Megan Hollingshead's replacement...funny.

    Also, Ash's jumping power is incredible. Springs for legs, that one.

    Interesting that he basically acknowledges Charizard as head of his reserves and Grovyle as head of the Hoenn squad. I though Ash didn't do favoritism after Pikachu...
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    Tyson and his Meowth. They aren't very memorable and it'll be interesting to see how I feel about them as this time around.

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    I totally forgot about Tyson;s unique Meowth.
    I love that thing!

    I liked how Ash decided to stay with team he's traveled the entirety of the Hoenn region with right up to the league.

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