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You Guys are very pessimistic about the special side of Skuntank.

Fire Blast does some nice Damage against steels and other counters,with no investment if you have given it a life orb.

Lets you 2hko steel types you otherwise cant scratch even with neutral stab and investment.
It's not so much the Special I have issue with when it comes to Fire Blast. It's the Accuracy and Skuntank's ability to get the second shot in without being KO'd first. Those are great calculations, but what about the damage some of them can deal back? Skuntank's ability to 2KO some Steel Types is admirable, but remember that Steelix has STAB Earthquake and a Type Advantage, Lucario has access to Earthquake and the lesser-used Bone Rush, and Avalugg has raw power and, also, has Earthquake as an option.