Dega Control
Deck and Strategy Primer

This is a Primer for a competitive Dega Control deck. Dega Control takes advantage of the powerful cards made available in White, Black, and Red, giving the deck access to sweepers, spot-removal, hand disruption, and brutal finishers. Nevertheless, it is still somewhat of a fringe deck archtype in the current metagame. All the same, if you're looking for a deck that can out-draw and disrupt the current field of devotion decks, this may be the deck for you.

As a competitive primer, this doesn't take into account budget or card restrictions. It suggests the best options of cards available.

Please offer opinions/feedback and post your own decklists along with with how testing has been going. I will update the initial post with your feedback, and can list your deck under the sample decklists if you want.

Here is a list of card options available to us followed by the decklist I am currently testing:

Card Options:

Planeswalkers: Our Planeswalkers are limited--we want walkers that don't rely on such a heavy creature count like Ajani, Caller of the Pride. With the huge number of creatures flooding the boards, Gideon, Champion of Justice is easily ultimated, but easily blocked, too. And Liliana of the Dark Realms just doesn't quite have the same applications with our more diverse mana base. That leaves us with two (unbelievably strong) options.
    Spoiler:- Planeswalkers:

Creatures: Our creatures have a lot of intrinsic play-value, impact, and power. We're not looking to clog the board or overrun the opponent. We're looking to control the pace of the game and run our opponents out of any sort of threats. Then we put down one of our higher-curve creatures.
    Spoiler:- Creatures:

Instants and Sorceries:
These spells are the bread and butter of the deck. Our way to acrue the advantage and keep the board under our control until we can land a finisher.
    Spoiler:- Instants and Sorceries:

Artifacts and Enchantments: Our Artifacts/Enchantments are strong support spells, keeping us in the game and ahead when we need to be.
    Spoiler:- Artifacts and Enchantments:

Utility Lands: Dega Control can run Nykthos and Mutavault along with some of the less-played lands, but many of our creatures and permanents have color-intensive casting costs, so it's probably not optimal.

Sample Decklists:

    Spoiler:- Dega Slaughterhouse: