I was wondering if anyone had ever tried the Wonder Trade yet, and if so, if anyone had gotten any luck at it.

You know how this works. You log onto WiFi, offering a Pokémon (usually one you don't want) and it trades it for someone else making a Wonder Trade. You hope for something good, but the problem is, most of the time, the guy you trade with is also doing it to get rid of something he doesn't want.

Since I started playing it on the 27th, I've gotten a few Mons I didn't want (like a Woobat with Klutz) and figured, eh, why not? Better than throwing it away. Like I expected, I get some junk, like a Scatterbug and a Sableye with Stall, but I actually have gotten a few useful ones. Some guy gave my a pretty decent Mightyena (unfortunately, I can't use it until I get the third badge) one guy gave me a Larvesta...

Then came the BIG surprise, which restored my faith in the humanity of video gamers. What would you say if someone gave away a Froakie? Not just any Froakie, this was a female Froakie, one with its hidden ability no less! I at first thought this was some sharked Pokémon that would crash my game if I used it, but t was genuine.

Someone told me about a group of players who were organizing "Wonder Christmas" and breeding these Mons for some reason. Well, seems like I found one.

Anyway, if anyone wants a Froakie with its Hidden Ability, just give me your Friend Code... As soon as I figure out how to add those, I can trade you one.