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Thread: What's on your Bucket List?

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    There's a lot of things, but I don't think I'll be able to list them off the top of my head. For now, though, I'm mostly working on examinations leading up to maybe someday getting the ARCT Piano Pedagogy, Teacher's, or Performer's Diploma. Well, hoping, but for now I'm just working towards my Grade 10, Harmony, and Music History exams...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kiruria View Post
    Some things on my bucket list are secret/personal, but here are the things that aren't:

    Write the four or so novels I have planned
    Compose the three or so music albums I have planned
    Design a video game
    Invent a foreign language (Partially done)
    Visit the British Isles with my mother
    Visit Transylvania (hence my user location)
    Attend a Catholic mass in a cathedral in Europe (done)
    Cosplay at an anime convention (done)
    Drink absinthe
    Live in either a castle or a Victorian-style house
    Make an offering to a god at the god's sacred site (done)
    Die someplace out in nature (when the time comes)
    Just checked this one off a couple of nights ago. It was quite the interesting experience. Meanwhile, I remembered two more things on my list:

    Dye my hair purple (when it starts turning gray)
    Attend a rave

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    Buy post it notes. I look a bit silly with a list on my bucket.

    But seriously, I would like to travel to England, not sure where in England yet though.
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