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Thread: What's on your Bucket List?

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    I can't think of many right now but here are some:

    - Drive a Ferrari 250 GTO, Jaguar E-Type and an Aston Martin DB5.
    - Visit Japan.
    - A road trip across the US.
    - Try to live a happy life (ain't that a cliche )
    - Go to PAX or some kind of other gaming convention.
    - Master guitar playing.

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    Just off the top of my head:

    - Sleep under stars in a place with no light pollution
    - Visit America
    - Become published
    - Love, and be loved in return
    - Become proficient in at least one instrument (already kinda halfway there)
    - Finish Final Fantasy VI
    - Finish this project
    - Achieve happiness.
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    - Improving my drawing skills (both on tablet and normal paper.)
    - Building up my muscles. and started to eat more fruit and vegetables. Now i'm eating less unhealthy food and drinks now.
    - Meeting a real Wolf or Wolves.
    - Becoming better in all of my online games. As i'm really average without much luck.
    - Looking for a girlfriend.

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    Visit Seven wonders of the modern world
    Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef.
    Go to Augusta National and watch the Masters (i love golf)
    Buy my own house & start family.
    Live a long happy life.
    Visit Tokyo for nerdy reasons.
    Go to Comic con & in particular Nerd hq.
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    comprehend myself (both parts both Crash and Charm)
    find the perfect slice of cheese cake

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    - Sleep under stars in a place with no light pollution
    I wish I could see that. The Milky Way is often the poetic subject of a book I'm reading and it makes me sad that I've never actually seen it before. In the book, it's often called the "Heavenly River"...

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    Not quite sleeping, but Mt Teide in Tenerife has something like that, apparently(according to the guide xD) it's one of the best views for the stars you can see, the amount of stars is breathtaking.

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    i've been camping in the middle of nowhere out in the australian outback multiple times and can confirm it owns
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    The night sky is amazing I was lucky enough to see the milky way the sight is breath taking the immense felling of awe, loneliness and fear at being part of something much much bigger

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    Finish the fan fic I am writing(Not posted on here)
    Get EVERY Pokemon registered in the Pokedex(Only missing Jirachi)
    Make a restaurant

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    Make a restaurant
    call it pacos tacos then not serve any mexican food at the restaurant (or not your choice) you can completely disregard this if you want

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    adding to my bucket list:

    - Open a poutine-centric establishment (restaurant or otherwise) somewhere in the US

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    - Finishing my next fanfic
    - Visiting Walt Disney World someday in Florida
    - Visiting Tokyo
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    -Uploading my fanfic
    -Visiting Japan and Italy.
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    I can't think on too much that I would do. But if I were to make a list...

    Move in somewhere with my girlfriend
    Get married
    Start a family
    Meet the amazing people who in one way or another changed my life
    Finish a fanfiction for once ;w;''
    Go parasailing (On many an occasion I could have. But I always back away for some reason or another...)
    Skydive (I wouldn't be too upset if this goes unfufilled... But I really want to do it)

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    Some of the things on mine are:

    -Get a job in the Gaming Industry of some sort. (Preferably as a Director or Writer.)
    -Shave my hair off for the World's Greatest Shave.
    -Visit the world! (Or at least the majority of Europe, Canada and Japan.)
    -Learn French, German, Japanese and maybe Spanish or Russian.
    -Have at least one boyfriend. ;w; (#ForeverAlone)
    -Make some cosplay for myself and go to an anime convention in it.
    -Make a doujinshi for one of my shippings.
    -Make a short animated video about something.
    -Master digital art. If not, FULLY MASTER TRADITIONAL ART INSTEAD!
    -Learn how to play the Violin and Piano.
    -Maybe have at least one Canadian boyfriend? *Shot* (Curse Hetalia for making me love the world.)
    -When I have short hair, dye it white, get red contacts and go around looking like Prussia. (Again, Hetalia.)
    -Maybe act normal for a day.
    -And roll into the Sun. Somehow. (And that is how I want to die. Otherwise, old age would be nice. owo)

    -Creativity is just another word for Insanity-

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    Mine at the moment are:

    - Get my novels published.
    - Visit some long-abandoned places (there's something oddly beautiful about them...)
    - Swim with some large marine animal that won't kill me (dolphins are overdone). There's a sealife centre in Scotland which lets you swim with sand tiger sharks, so I could possibly do this one.
    - See an endangered animal, such as a rhinoceros or a tiger, in the wild.
    - Be on TV. Preferably for doing something good....
    - Go to a major sci-fi/nerd convention, such as one of the big American Comic-Cons.

    There are others, but they're a bit NSFW.
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    For my current bucket list are the following.

    1. Finish a marathon in 2:20.
    2. Complete a Spartathlon, which is from Athens to Sparta of distance over 150 miles.
    3. Circumnavigation by running in a year.
    4. Winning some local races.

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    Most of my goals are travel-related, and some have already been achieved.


    * Go to the top of the Eiffel Tower
    * Visit the Colosseum in Rome
    * Visit Pompeii (just two weeks ago, actually)
    * Enter London's Tower Bridge

    Not achieved yet:

    * Climb a volcano, preferrably Mt. Etna or Vesuvius (I've seen both during trips to Italy, but didn't have the chance to climb them)
    * Visit all continents
    * Visit Machu Picchu
    * Travel through Japan and visit the cities that my favorite Kanto, Johto and Hoenn cities are based on
    * Going on a cruise in the Antarctic
    * Build my own villa in Scandinavian "dragon style"
    * Compose a melody
    * Complete my Pokémon world in Minecraft

    Of course, finding love and a great job is also important to me, but I think it's too obvious to include on my bucket list.
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    My dream is to go to Canada. This may seem strange but I remember watchinh Kenai and Koda when I was little and since then I'm a canada fan. I was to see everything. Plus I wanna become a biologist and build my own research lab in Canada.
    I just hope I can, one day, see the niagara falls.......

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    My Bucket List is really big and I am always adding new stuff to it so I will share a bit of it because its so big and some things on it are personal that I don't want to share.


    * Have both ears pierced (February 23, 2013)
    * Spray a whole can of whipped in my mouth (July 2, 2013)
    * Make a difference and help as many people as I can Make a difference in the LGBT community (Fall 2013 - ongoing)
    * Go to YACC Retreat Yourself (April 2014)
    * Ride the Leviathan at Canada’s wonderland (May 17, 2014)
    * Take part in a Relay for Life (May 30, 2014)

    Not achieved yet:

    * Bike the entire Niagara region bike trail
    * Go zip lining
    * Go to a midnight opening of a movie
    * Go on a ski trip to a ski resort
    * Go camping somewhere in Ontario
    * Go camping somewhere in the US (maybe Tennessee)
    * Visit each of the provinces and territories of Canada
    * Go to Italy
    * Go to Japan
    * Go on a cruise ship
    * Ride in a hot air balloon
    * Spend the night somewhere that is haunted
    * Write a book
    * Watch the sunrise with someone I love
    * Watch the sunset with someone I love
    * Stargaze with someone I love
    * Try a soufflé
    * Be in a community play
    * Bullied and igloo
    * Pay for a stranger at Tim Horton’s
    * Be in time square on new year’s eve
    * See a solar eclipse
    * See a lunar eclipse
    * Create a scavenger hunt for someone
    * Go for a ride in a limo
    * Carve my name and my soul mate's name into a tree
    * See the northern lights
    * Go to a drive-in movie theatre
    * Find a four leaf clover
    * Go for a ride in a submarine
    * Throw a dart at a map and go where ever it lands
    * Help someone to cross an item off of their bucket list
    * Be in Ottawa on Canada day
    * Go to class in my PJs
    * Create a set of cards with inspirational sayings on them and leave them in random places for strangers to find
    * Volunteer with the Canadian Cancer society
    * Go to Halloween Haunt at Canada’s wonderland
    * Spend a Christmas in Florida
    * Visit the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
    * Get barred in sand on a beach
    * Be in a movie as an extra
    * Do a voice over for a cartoon
    * Bury a time capsule
    * Get a tattoo that has some kind of special meaning
    * Own a shinny Pokémon from each region
    * Beat a Pokémon game without evolving my starter

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    Learn to play the cello.
    Own a Gretsch White Falcon.
    Own a personally tailored 1911.
    Smoke a Cuban cigar.
    Drink a bottle of high priced whiskey.
    Complete an entire National Pokédex.
    Play in a band.
    Have a multi-monitor customized Mac Pro powered DAW.
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    Some things on my bucket list are secret/personal, but here are the things that aren't:

    Write the four or so novels I have planned
    Compose the three or so music albums I have planned
    Design a video game
    Invent a foreign language (Partially done)
    Visit the British Isles with my mother
    Visit Transylvania (hence my user location)
    Attend a Catholic mass in a cathedral in Europe (done)
    Cosplay at an anime convention (done)
    Drink absinthe
    Live in either a castle or a Victorian-style house
    Make an offering to a god at the god's sacred site (done)
    Die someplace out in nature (when the time comes)

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    -Finally get my health taken care of (it has been a rough year for me. So many surgeries, and one looming problem that really, really needs to get checked out. A 25 year old woman shouldn't weigh 86 pounds (about 37 kilograms, I think. I'm American so my knowledge of the metric system is a tad spotty). Lots of worry.)

    -Learn to play guitar better (I can only play two songs right now)

    -See the ocean (I live in a land-locked State. The Atlantic is the most viable for me to see)

    -Finish college and start teaching

    -Pay back my student loans and save enough money to buy my own house so that I don't have to rent when I'm in my 50s like my parents.

    -Perhaps conquer my fear of dogs, birds, clowns, mirrors, and uncontrolled fires.

    ...That's about it. I'm not terribly ambitious. Mostly, I'm pragmatic (if even a little dull and boring). Some would say "stop smoking", but I'll stop when I'm dead.
    I will be on here very, very rarely. The account is not dead, per se, but I will not be on often. This has become a den of hatred, hostility, and anger. It is not the SPPF it was when I joined, and I really dislike coming here. To those of you who were nice to me and were my friend, thank you. Goodbye.
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    - Swim in a lake nude.
    - Go to a club.
    - Have a boyfriend.
    - Visit Venezuela, South Africa, China and Germany!!!
    - Celebrate my 60th birthday party in the biggest way i could.
    - Have children.
    - Lay on the grass with a really good friend all day staring at the sky on a nice day... on in isolated part of the world.

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