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    Default Kalos Region Mysteries

    So, Gen 6 has left us with a lot of mysteries. From Pokémon #719-721, to locked doors, to creepy ghost girls that move without walking, the Kalos region, in my opinion, still has a lot to be discovered.

    A disappointing number of new pokemon, and a lackluster post game is why I think that something big going to happen soon in the pokemon world.

    Some weird things I have found in the games:

    1. Parfum Palace's garden has the Reshiram and Zekrom statues, and the gardens look like certain things...

    2. The Spooky House. What was the point of this place? It didn't have any relevance, but it was there.

    3. The Power Plant is still locked. There are 4 buildings, only 1 of which was accessed during the game. Could these house the three new legendary pokemon. Volcanion certainly looks like a steam generator, only helped by the Water-Fire dual typing.

    4. The train stations that lead to nowhere. Will these be used? Also, there is a mysterious message on the back of one of the turntables

    5. The Strange Souvenir and the new region the hiker promises. It looks like an Easter Island region is based off South America?

    6. The creepy girls in Lumiose, the building next to the Galette Stand on 2F and 4F in Hotel Richissime

    7. There was a scientist in one of the cities that said humans could turn into pokemon. Is Lysandre still around somewhere?

    Feel free to discuss anything else mysterious you found in these games!
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