1. All Serebii rules apply.
2. I offer rare event Pokemon, NOT hacked only legit!
3. I DO NOT accept or knowingly offer hacked pokémon! Legit pokémon only!
4. You MUST trade 15 shiny Pokemons first, do not expect that i will trade Mew in the "first round". You will get Mew on the 15th trading moment for a shiny of course.
5. I will NOT trade "good ranked" pokemons, it will be "bad ranked" with low levels.
6. Mew moves: Blizzard, Thunder, Earthquake & Psychic.
7. Mew is feeded with MAX vitamines and are MAX PP uped for all 4 moves above.
8. If you would like to make an offer for pokemons thats not are in my wish list below, please PM me for so we can get an agreement.
9. If i'm NOT answering you back, it had some good reasons like that i'm working at nights, sleeping after work, training and much more.
10. I will make trade decisions based on what offer you have to come with(But will highly recommend for my wish list below)
11. I dont want 1st evolution pokemons in level 100, it will be refused ASAP.
12. ONLY english pokemons accepted and not japanese, with REAL names and should not have any nicknames!
13. And at last only MALE for the pokemons with gender

My shiny pokemon wish list:

1. Bulbasaur
2. Squirtle
3. Larvitar
4. Aron
5. Kangashkan
6. Pidgey
7. Pichu
8. Chikorita
9. Totodile
10. Cyndaquil
11. Treecko
12. Mudkip
13. Torchic
14. Ralts
15. Caterpie
(ALSO Black Charizard and Black Greninja are welcome)

The Pokemon i will be give(Check out what i wrote on the 5th dot above):

1. Bunnelby
2. Zigzagoon
3. Fletchling
4. Scatterbug
5. Pidgey
6. Weedle
7. Pansage
8. Pansear
9. Panpour
10. Budew
11. Roselia
12. Plusle
13. Minun
14. Gulpin
15. MEW