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Thread: Savitter's hidden ability, egg move, and rare move shop

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    I am reopening this shop... mostly looking to expand my collection of KB legends
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    Flawless Kalos Legends I don't have
    Gen 6 event pokemon! (nothing from Powersaves)
    My Kalos legends for trade: [URL=""[/URL]
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    I am interested in one of your Sturdy Carbink and Heavy Metal Aron. The Pokemon I am willing to trade are listed below:

    Shinies (obtained through RNG breeding in 5th Gen: most have rare moves, some have Hidden Abilities, all have great stats. All are at Level 1 and are untrained): Skarmory, Aron, Kangaskhan, Taillow, Koffing, Deino, Volcarona, Druddigon, Zorua, Tepig, Rotom, Sigilyph Litwick, Solosis, Sewaddle, Axew, Larvesta, Dratini (Multiscale, Extreme Speed ), Venipede, Tympole, Roggenrola, Yanma, Karrablast, Snivy, Gible x3 (2 Jolly, 1 Adamant, all with Rough Skin), Archen (Head Smash), Beldum, Charmander x2 (Timid and Jolly), Eevee x9 (LOTS of natures, almost all with Hidden Ability), Staryu, Timburr (Mach Punch and Drain Punch), Elekid (elemental punches and Cross Chop), Spiritomb, Shellder, Darumaka, Larvitar x3 (2 Adamant, Guts and Sand Veil, 1 Jolly with Guts), Treecko, Klink, Vulpix, Shelmet, Riolu x4 (2 Jolly, 2 Timid, all with Egg Moves and Inner Focus), Gligar, Ferroseed, Scraggy (Drain Punch, Ice Punch), Cottonee, Joltik, Abra, Yamask, Absol (Megahorn), Drilbur, Ponytam, Shroomish x2 (Hidden Ability, 1 Jolly, 1 Timid; Timid was a math error), Rufflet, Tirtouga, Vulpix, Pawniard, Scyther, Elektrike (Hidden Power Ice), Porygon x2 (1 Modest with Download, 1 Timid with Trace), Nosepass, Petilil, Happiny (Counter), Misdreavus, Phanpy, Snover x2 (1 Quiet, 1 Brave), Lillipup, Munna, Lileep, Togepi, Heracross, Magnemite (Hidden Power Fire), Dwebble, Bronzor, Tangela, Duskull, Anorith, Skorupi, Cleffa, Ralts x3 (1 Timid with Telepathy and two Jolly males, one with Telepathy and one with Synchronize), Horsea, Wynaut, Totodile, Zangoose, Torchic, Pineco, Hippopotas x 2 (Sassy, 1 male, 1 female), Clamperl x2 (1 Careful, 1 Adamant), Marill (Aqua Jet, Huge Power), Shuppet, Psyduck, Remoraid x2 (Hidden Ability, Adamant and Modest), Vanillite, Tynamo, Lickitung, Machop, Growlithe, Cubone, Budew, Gastly, Deerling (Winter), Zubat, Foongus, Feebas, Tyrogue (Adamant, Guts, Bullet Punch, Mach Punch, and Hi Jump Kick), Sableye, Trapinch x2 (Hasty and Jolly), Bagon, Oshawott, Torchic, Budew, Mincinno, Durant, Solosis, Corphish, Mienfoo, Mawile, Starly (Reckless, Double Edge), Spearow, Sandshrew, Aerodactyl, Bulbasaur x3 (Impish and Adamant with Power Whip, Modest with Giga Drain), Turtwig, Chimchar, Squirtle, Piplup, Mareep, Phione, Cyndaquil (Hidden Power Ice), Munchlax Teddiursa, Sneasel, Slakoth, Meditite, Gible, Bouffalant, Pinsir, Slowpoke x2 (Relaxed and Quiet with Regenerator), Poliwag (Hidden Ability), Magby, Chikorita, Pichu x2 (Hidden Power Ice, 1 Hasty, 1 Timid), Purrloin, Mudkip (Avalanche), Tentacool, Swinub (Thick Fat) Golett, Throh, Abra, Houndour (Hidden Power Ice), Heracross, Staryu, Magikarp, Gothita, Duskull, Whismur, Shuckle.

    5 IV XY hatched Pokemon w/ Egg Moves:
    -Chespin, Bulletproof -Pinsir, Mold Breaker/Hyper Cutter -Chansey, Serene Grace -Honedge -Binacle, Tough Claws -Teddiursa, Pickup -Rotom -Kangaskhan, Scrappy -Foongus, Regenerator -Aerodactyl, Pressure/Unnerve -Scyther, Technician -Mareep, Static -Snover, Snow Warning -Inkay, Contrary -Gible, Sand Veil -Spritzee, Aroma Veil -Aromatisse, Aroma Veil-Porygon, Analytic -Fletchling, Gale Wings -Aron, Rock Head
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    Hey savitter, good that you re-open your shop again .

    Not sure what I can offer you x.x, do you still take exclusive mega-stone x.x? I feel like you have so many of them already... Or a Dedenne with 4EMs? Though it's not much either... Or a Japanese flawless Latios? Maybe you have it already too x.x Am interested in HA female Togepi and Zorua x.x... don't mind if you clone them but know cloning is troublesome... let me know what I can do .
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    Edit: Never mind, already got what I was searching.
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    EDIT: Got one through wondertrade!
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    Finally got one of every Pokémon for my Bank! Now when ORAS comes out I'll have a National Dex at the start haha!!!

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    I really want a Hidden Ability Hyper Voice/Heal Bell/Yawn/Wish Eevee that has 6IV's.
    If there is anything specific you would like in return for it, I can most likely get a hold of it.
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    I am interested in one of your Scutterbugs. I can offer to you Houndour in a Moonball, modest, with eggmoves (I have to look up the English names, I'll add them) Or I can breed in return a Scatterbug with Meadow pattern.

    Greets, Kea

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    I'm looking for HA Luvdisc, HA Finneon, and HA Female Burmy.

    I'm willing to offer a bunch of HA Pokemon (LIKE A LOT) as well as any kind of berry, and some 5IV Pokemon (non shinies :/). If you could please consider my offers that would be wonderful... I really want these HAs and I haven't got much in the way of shinies or competitive legendaries. Thanks!
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    hi, im interested in your female dive ball HA (hydration) barboach. i dont need it to have good iv.

    what i can offer: 5iv (no spatk) jolly HA zangoose in premier ball or 5iv (no spatk) careful HA lickitung in dream ball with body slam. I can also breed dream ball cottonnee (non HA) in dream ball with memento switcheroo and encore. They can be male or female.
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