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Thread: Religion in today's society

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    I dont care about belifs as long as they arent extreme. Im atheist for the reason of christians are just straight up stupid when it comes to video games. a lot of hardcore christians will think that pokemon (or yugioh, digimon, bakugan, ect.) is satanic brainwashing. ive heard of a petition to outlaw clash of clans, fueled by christians. people take religion too seriously, and it makes me feel like religion is stupid. if a christian that would try to convert me, id say no, because your people make christianity just a reason to try to outlaw my hobbies. like i said, dont care what religion you are, i wont discriminate... unless you worship cresselia... xD
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    Quote Originally Posted by Clone™ View Post
    Does Religion have a place in today's society? Or should it be an individual belief?

    These two questions are just to get the ball rolling.

    This topic may be sensitive to some users, so please be aware of that if you come here. If you don't agree with someone's opinion, tell them why in a logical manner.
    Just to pop my two cents here. Religion being a variety of ideologies generally makes it hard to abolish from a country without some sort of extreme reform. However, I do believe it possible that it can phase out overtime, maybe in decades or centuries or it would still be prominent as it were now. In my country, any individual has a freedom of choosing whatever religion he or she chooses to practice. So I find it a bit hard to imagine my country or our current society without religion yet.
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    My philosophy is that if a belief directly causes oppression or holds back human progress, it should not exist
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