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Thread: Game playercard event ( future event ) maker of pokemon

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    Default Game playercard event ( future event ) maker of pokemon

    I read on a page that you will get his playercard in a event thats coming up he has 758pokemiles and has 758 pokemon registed.. 758 there must be new pokemon coming out soon or something for his player card to say 758 pokemon
    Here the post i found off fb

    To celebrate the first anniversary of Nagoya Pokemon Center on March 23, Pokémon Player can get a Junichi Masuda autograph trainer informationJunichi Masuda trainer information mention that he has 758 Poké Miles, Money & Pokémon registered.Is still unknown why the picture inPoké from Japan mention that Masuda has 758. For now there are only 721 Pokémon*For More information visit:*

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    Indeed wrong section. Check the purpose of a forum first before posting a thread.

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