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Thread: E3 2014 Prediction Thread!

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    It doesn't matter.


    1. Ubisoft- Personally, none of their stuff interested me, but they were on point from beginning to end. Even whatsherface.
    2. Mcrosoft- Overall pretty decent. Nothing too huge, though the highlights for me were Tomb Raider, 3D LBP, and Halo. The Sunset game was cool too and I liked the swerve at the beginning.
    3. Sony- Started off meh, then I marked out for LBP3. After that it just went downhill until Mortal Kombat and then went back downhill until MGSV. Sad part is they were doing the exact same crap that got Microsoft *censored* last year. No one cares about TV.
    4. EA- Too much sports and video diaries and the only thing to get any gameplay, from what I remember, was the cops and robbers game. Mirrors Edge was the only thing I was remotely interested in, though BFCaR was admitedly pretty cool.

    Honestly, I don't think Nintendo really has a hard act to follow tomorrow. Considering all we've got now, I'd say at worst, they'll still do better than sony and ea and probably microsoft.

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    Here's one of the Nintendo E3 2014 "Internal" list.

    I'm certain it's all a bunch of poop and fanboy dreams. Maybe next time people can be wiser and don't believe lists that can be EASILY faked?
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    I fully expected something from Jontron about Conker's Project Spark appearance. I just didn't expect it so soon. But man. Is it on point. Here's the lols:

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