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Thread: U.S. 2014/2016 Election Thread: The Man in the High Chair

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    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsman4 View Post
    Didn't Duterte threaten to eat people? Didn't he also run as a Democratic Socialist–talk about buyer beware?
    Wow, comparing cannibalism to liberalism now.

    And btw, NO, Duterte is not in the least a liberal. He is a cruel man, who among other things:

    * Admitted to killing three men personally while he was the Mayor of Davao. (This was a vigilante execution.)

    * Forced a tourist to swallow his own cigarette butt in a local bar in Davao City after the tourist refused to comply with the public anti-smoking ordinance.

    * Called the Catholic Church "the most hypocritical institution" in the world

    * Stated that he thought he "should have been first" to rape Jacqueline Hamill, an Australian missionary who was gang-raped and murdered

    * Has been invited by Trump to the White House.

    I do not care what political party he claims to be, IMOHO, he is a cruel murderer and dictator, and he is admired by Trump.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsman4 View Post
    Is something so terribly wrong with free speech, the right to own firearms to protect yourself, protection from unwarranted seizures, etc?
    Why is this even being debated? Guns are weapons, Swordsman, they are devices designed to KILL people.

    But no matter how many mass shootings there are, you think we need more of them.

    Quote Originally Posted by Trainer Yusuf View Post
    As terrible as this might sound, the article at least goes into the complexities of the situation, primarily economic ones, without going "white man/black man is the devil".
    Find a book called The Report from Iron Mountain. I'm pretty sure it's available on Amazon.

    This 1962 novel was written in the format of a heavily footnoted government report detailing an experiment by operatives who studied the effects a lasting state of world peace might have. They concluded that such a situation would be detrimental to the economy, and not only advised that peace efforts be halted, but slavery be reinstated, and that violent blood sports be introduced to encourage violence.

    It was fiction, of course, but it was so convincing, even President Lyndon Johnson was fooled into thinking it was nonfiction. Supposedly, he "hit the roof" (according to White House aids) after reading it.

    Long story short, it is possible to present any practice, no matter how evil and cruel, as economically beneficial.
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    But children lived in Levittown
    And hid in the shelters underground
    Until the Soviets turned their ships around
    And tore the Cuban missiles down
    And in that bright October sun
    We knew our childhood days were done
    And I watched my friends go off to war
    What do they keep on fighting for?

    - Billy Joel, Leningrad

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