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Thread: U.S. 2014/2016 Election Thread: The Man in the High Chair

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    Honestly the best way would to take all the people who want to run and leave them to it. You'll have at least 5 Senators want to take a shot alone. Any manipulating will just make things worse.

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    I reiterate, what policy has actually been passed? I only remember one laws that has passed in these few months. Trump is as incompetent as Anita Sarkeesian is disgusting.
    "Everyone creates the thing they dread. Men of peace create engines of war. Invaders create Avengers. People create... smaller people? Er... children! I lost the word there. Children. Designed to supplant them. To help them end."


    "Resistance. Rebellion. You will burn these ideas away."

    But this is the traditional royal Canterlot voice! It is tradition to speak, using the Royal "we", and to use THIS MUCH VOLUME WHEN ADDRESSING OUR SUBJECTS!!

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