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Thread: Hi, I'm new here

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    Default Hi, I'm new here

    I'm StrykerX7, but feel free to call me Stryker. I've been on Serebii plenty of times to assist me in competitive battles, but I didn't make an account here on the forums until now because I AM SO PUMPED FOR OR/AS.

    This won't be my first experience on a forum. I've been fairly active on the IGN boards in the past and more recently on a gaming forum on which I happen to have a popular thread dedicated to Pokemon conspiracy theories. I also used to be active on /vp/, /r/pokemon, /r/pokemongiveaway, and /r/friendsafari.

    I've been playing Pokemon for about 11 years. My first game was Sapphire and my favorite is Emerald.

    I look forward to having a good time here!
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    Hey there! Welcome to Serebii!
    If you want a friend, have any questions about the place, or just want someone to talk to, feel free to send me a FR or PM/VM me!

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    Wow, mention Liepard, and everyone's active. I should do this more often.

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    Hey Stryker,
    great to see another Emerald lover.
    I really hope you will have a great time here.
    Feel free to PM, VM or FR me.
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