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Thread: Nelly's 5 IV and shiny trading grounds

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    Default Nelly's 5 IV and shiny trading grounds

    pokemon I have are all 5 IV missing the IV according to their nature.
    Charmander Jolly/Adamant (flareblitz, outrage, crunch, dragon dance)
    Charmander Modest/Timid (dragon pulse)
    Squirtle Modest (aura sphere, dragon pulse)
    Fennekin Modest/Timid
    Froakie Modest/Timid/Jolly HA
    Chimchar Jolly HA (fire punch, thunder punch)
    Honedge Adamant (swords dance, shadow sneak)
    Honedge Brave 31/31/31/x/31/0 (shadow sneak, swords dance)
    Litwick Timid
    Heracross Jolly (rock blast)
    Sandile Adamant Moxie
    Ralts Timid/Modest
    Ralts Jolly male only (shadow sneak)
    Feebas Modest/Bold (dragon pulse)
    Bagon Jolly (dragon dance) /Timid (hydro pump dragon pulse)
    Togepi Modest/Bold (exteasensory)
    Houndour Timid (nasty plot)
    Riolu Jolly (bullet punch)
    Absol Jolly (play rough, megahorn)
    Skorupi Jolly (night slash)
    Mawile Adamant
    Fletchling Adamant HA
    Kabuto Jolly (knock off)
    Joltik Jolly
    Swirlix Adamant HA (bellydrum) in premier ball
    Chansey Bold natural cure/healer (aromatherapy, counter, seismic toss)
    Axew Jolly mold breaker
    Gible Jolly HA (iron head, outrage)
    Yanma Timid speed boost
    Larvesta Modest/Timid/Bold
    Tentacool Bold (rapid spin)
    Shellder Adamant Skill Link (icicle spear, rock blast, twineedle)
    Marill Adamant Huge Power (agua jet, belly drum, body slam, perish song)
    Gligar Impish HA
    Totodile Jolly (crunch, ice punch, aqua jet, dragon dance)

    Shiny pokemon FT will only trade shiny for shiny
    Umbreon Bold Lv 50 31/10/27,28/27/31/24
    Aerodactyl Jolly Lv 1 31/31/31/x/x/x
    Absol Jolly lv 1 x/31/31/x/31/x
    Espurr female
    Bronzong (JPN)
    Golurk (JPN)

    LF 5 IV (egg moves are appreciated but not necessary)
    Machop no guard adamant
    Pinsir Adamant (quick attack)
    Shuppet impish/careful/adamant (destiny bond)
    Timburr adamant iron fist (drain punch, mach punch)
    Darumaka jolly/adamant
    Drilbur jolly/adamant (rapid spin)
    Dratini jolly/adamant multiscale (dragon dance, extreme speed)
    Krabby adamant/impish (knock off)
    Mareep modest/bold/calm
    Bulbasaur careful (curse, amnesia) or calm/modest (giga drain)

    Will accept just about all other offers of 5 IV pokemon as long as i don't already have it

    If you have a request please post here first and or PM me
    Living Pokedex Completed!!!

    PM me for FC

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    seeking shiny flawless or near flawless honedge. sassy nature with ability no guard.
    I have for trade:lucario with lucarionite, deoxys, event palkia shiny, xerneas and charizard x stone..

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    I have a 5IV Modest Misdreavus in a moonball I can trade for a female Houndour
    FC: 5198-3364-3245
    Psychic with Duosion, Abra and Wobbuffet

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    I have a shiny dratini i can trade for your shiny seviper

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