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Thread: My planned Pokemon Black team

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    Exclamation My planned Pokemon Black team

    Hellooo, I came here to you guys today because I am starting Pokemon Black anew and want a good team for it. I don't want the BEST team for Black, just a good one that can get me through the game. I also don't want to have to do any trading to get a Pokemon. But special gifted Pokemon like Zorua are okay.
    Anyways, here's the team I planned as of now (in the order of when I can acquire them):

    - Samurott
    - - Zoroark
    - - -Volcarona
    - - - -Gothitelle
    - - - - -Ferrothorn
    - - - - - -Haxorus

    Samurott and Zoroark must stay in my team, and I wish Haxorus could stay in too but doesn't have to and the others may be moved.
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    Right now you're weak to Flying-types and a little exposed to Ground-types. I suggest swapping out that Gothitelle for an Archeops. Defeatist isn't nearly as crippling as people make it out to be, especially when you consider Archeops has blazing Speed, and there's no Stealth Rock and barely any offensive priority or opponents switching-out in-game. It's surprisingly really good, I have one too. If you want you can swap out Volcarona for a random other Fighting-resist (maybe even take Gothitelle back if you'd prefer it), because you get it as an egg and it will take all the way to level 59 to evolve it, which is a pain. If you think it's worth it you could keep it though, just know what you're getting yourself into.

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    Please read the rules; you gotta post movesets for people to be able to rate your team.

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