Sounds like Masamune has a pretty good team.

I hate not getting episodes before everyone knows what happened already.

I thought it was pretty obvious Misty wasn't gonna show up, I mean what was she gonna do, leave the gym to her sisters and then at the end of the league go back since they can't handle it themselves? Even though they would have to be runnning it the entire league?(Yes I do realize she's done that before, but... ah nevermind. It'll be good to see her again even if it is a 1 sec. cameo. Plus I still have hope that when Ash is in trouble in the league they might do a quick shot of Misty looking worried. If they do that they'll show Delia looking worried too, yay!)*

Anyway, even though Tetsuya's Meowth has knocked out the opponent Persian in the preliminaries, it still wanted to beat up the unconscious Persian that Tetsuya had to recall it.
We need some more characters with psychological problems, it makes the anime more interesting.

Ash again lights the main League totch, with Professor Oak, Delia, Tracey, Misty, Norman, and Caroline watching on TV.
What, did Goodshow select him or did some weird thing happen and he had to light it because someone got hurt or something? And what, Birch can't watch? Guess he's not too interested since Ash is just a friend of one of the pokemon trainers he gave a pokemon to.

Can't wait to see this ep.

*sad, sad attempt to disguise comment on the controversial girl in the middle of a decent-sized post to try and avoid this thread turning into a Misty thread yet still voicing my own opinion. Of course it didn't work, but whatever.