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Thread: Sending information from your game to an android app

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    Question Sending information from your game to an android app

    Does anyone know if it is possible to send information (for example, your badges or caught pokemon) to an android app?
    I'm making a pokedex in the Kalos style for android, and I'd like to implement a feature where people can see their pokemon and badges and compare teams and some other stuff.
    If anyone could help me, it'd be awesome :3

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    Although I don't know if it is possible, I think that it would require for the user to hack into their game to bring the data over to something external. And of course, you probably don't want to put innocent game cards at risk of being corrupted.
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    I should point out that apps that send Data to and from Pokémon games similar to this already exist, and Nintendo basicly have banned them.

    There is something that you can use that would have similar effect. Game sync. The web browser in your Device should be able to access the site with ease.

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