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Thread: KLUTZNCUTZ's Pawn Shop

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    Default KLUTZNCUTZ's Pawn Shop

    Necessary Info:
    In-Game Name: KLUTZNCUTZ
    3ds Friend Code: 0533-6036-5801
    Friend Safari Water
    I like using game chat

    Trading process.
    You may post in the thread or private message me which ever you prefer, however I will check my private messages more often. If there is a problem (IVs not perfect) please private message me as I most likely mismarked a pokemon or put it in the wrong box. As a precaution I will always ask you to check and make sure.
    How it works
    I will wait for you to offer me a deal. You can ask for anything I have or if you just need some thing that isn't listed I can check my pokebank with all of the wonder trade goodness to see if it has what you need. I will check back daily. As a side note I prefer to use game chat in the trade just clarify that you know what you are receiving. It is not a requirement to game chat.

    Disclaimer: I breed in bulk using a Japanese 6 31 IV Ditto which I got from wonder trade. It is not a Kalos born ditto and because I got it from wonder trade I cannot be sure if it is a legally obtained ditto (It most likely is not). All the pokemon for trade themselves are kalos born. If this is a problem for you should find another trade shop.

    In stock
    All pokemon below have 0 EVs unless stated other wise.
    You can ask for a gender but I cannot promise I will have both genders
    You can also ask me to nickname anything (does not apply to certain pokemon)

    Quantity | Species | Level | Ability | Nature | IV Spread | Egg moves | Notes

    11 | Mienfoo | 1 | Regenerator | Jolly | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | Endure | One of these does NOT know Endure

    5 | Skarmory | 1 | Sturdy | Impish | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | Brave Bird Whirlwind Stealth Rock | stealth rocks wreck

    3 | Buneary | 1 or 15 | Klutz | Jolly | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | Foresight Ice Punch Fire Punch Switcheroo | two are level 15 because they are parents also Mega Lopunny

    4 | Fletchling | 1 | Gale Wings | Adamant | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | None | Gale Wings. nuff said.

    1 | Drilbur | 1 | Mold Breaker | Adamant | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | Rapid Spin | Not Bred for Sandstorm teams so sorry about mold breaker also it is a girl.

    2 | Sneasel | 1 | Pick Pocket | Jolly | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | Icicle Crash | Icicle Crash is better than Ice Punch I swear

    3 | Cherubi | 1 | Chlorophyll | Careful | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | Flower Shield | Meant for doubles and pairs insanely well with the Vulpix I have.

    1 | Zorua | 1 | Illusion | Naive | 5 31 IVs skipping special defense | Sucker Punch | For Mixed Sets its male

    2 | Froakie | 1 or 20 | Jolly | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | None | Level 20 one is a parent for physical Ninjas

    1 | Mawile | 1 | Intimidate | Adamant | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | Sucker Punch Fire Fang | Mega Mawile is boss

    3 | Skiddo | 1 | Sap Sipper | Adamant | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | None | I love this goat

    1 | Vulpix | 1 | Drought | Jolly | 5 31 IVs skipping special attack | Flare Blitz | Send Out This and Cherrim and start popping things with that Flare Blitz

    The Following do not have IVs in any stat and are really just dex filler. They come from wonder trade and my white version.

    Suicune Cresselia Deoxys Cobalion Terrakion Virizion Reshiram Zekrom Victini Fancy Vivillion Shiny Nosepass

    I can also give the following Items
    Amulet Coin Assault Vest Big Root Black Sludge Blastoisinte Mawilite Power Herb Sharp Beak Weakness Policy Medichamite Dragon Scale Metronome Black Belt
    Mind Plate Miracle Seed Earth Plate Pixie Plate Poison Barb Eviolite Black Glasses Fist Plate Ampharosite Aerodactylite Blazikenite Garchompite Abomasite Banettite
    Griseous Orb Gyradosite Absolite Adamant Orb Sky Plate Smooth Rock Heat Rock Soft Sand Icicle Plate Icy Rock Splash Plate Spooky Plate Insect Plate Kangaskhanite Iron Plate Toxic Plate Twisted Spoon Lucarionite Lustrous Orb Whipped Dream White Herb Dragon Fang King's Rock Hard Stone Destiny Knot

    All Items Obtained legally from X version

    I will tradevolve for free and I do take breeding request.

    Looking For Section

    Grouped in likeliness that I will take up your offer

    A competitive casual battle. Yep I would love a battle and whether you win or lose you can ask for any of the bred pokemon I have as long as it is not the only one in stock.

    No IVS required for dex
    Articuno Moltres Mew Raikou Entei Lugia Ho-oh Regice Registeel Regirock Latios Latias Kyogre Jirachi Azelf Uxie Mesprit Dialga Palkia Heatran Regigigas Manaphy Heatran Shaymin Arceus Tornadus Thundarus Landorus Meloetta Genesect Diancie

    Hidden ability squirtle and piplup. For personal reasons

    Anything bred for competitive 5 31 IV minimum. ANYTHING

    Any Battle Maison Items if on a pokemon that has higher value for me It increases the chances I will take your deal.


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    Congrats on your new shop. I opened one up on the 11th. I'm interested in your vulpix and your skarmory. I could battle you, offer a Bp item of high value, and could offer a ha eevee with wish. I also have a dratini with iron tail and a Shieldon with fissure. None are breed with ivs, however.
    I could also work something else out if you like as well.
    Check out my shop, Rock's Hidden Ability and Egg Move shop!

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    I can battle you and give you a 5 IV HA Modest Eevee with egg moves wish, stored power, synchronoise and yawn for a lvl 1 Buneary
    FC: 5198-3364-3245
    Psychic with Duosion, Abra and Wobbuffet

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    I'm sorry. I think you might have miss understood my offer. I was interested in the ha vulpix and your skarmory with stealth rock. In exchange, I can battle and give a ha eevee with wish. I could still do buneary if you like.
    Check out my shop, Rock's Hidden Ability and Egg Move shop!

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