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Thread: The Shippers Confessional Thread - 3.0 (Updated: August 7th, 2017)

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    I'm already finding the OR/AS new characters some of the most shippable to date despite knowing little about them all. I already adore Aarune, Lisia, and Zinnia and ship them around like crazy. All three are also candidates for my favorite May pairing in the remakes.

    Actually, so are Wally and my old favorite Brendan. And Matt. And Brawley. Heck, even Steven. I was so-so towards Steven in the originals, but seeing him in the demo has won me over on him.
    Quote Originally Posted by PoketrainerJaden View Post
    -I hate getting into debates about shipping normally but if someone just completely bashes someone else's shipping even if the shipping is one I hate or don't support I will back up the one getting bashed I hate bashers so much.
    I can relate to this, actually. I prefer to just avoid ship wars, but if I see someone being a rude anti-shipper, I'll usually pipe up, even if it's a ship I normally dislike. Bashers disgust me way more than any fans of any ships, even ships I dislike.
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    1) I am honestly not too into shippings and do not take most seriously, because it's all fictional.
    2) That said, the only ship I have as OTP and take more seriously than others is Presageshipping.
    3) Yes, I am interested in Human x Pokemon more than Human x Human and Pokemon x Pokemon.
    4) I would ship minor characters like gym leaders and elites most of the time, as I feel them more untouched upon by others.

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    Im gonna let y'all finish, but


    Okay, here goes....

    -I think Ikarishipping is pointless though I find it cool
    -I like Advanceshipping and Contestshipping
    -I bashed ALOT of pearlshippers because I used to be a negaishipper
    -I now find negaishipping pointless
    -The only two game ships I support are Hoennshipping and Sequelshipping. I need to support more.
    -my least favourite character ever is Dawn but I LOVE Penguinshipping
    -I absolutely DISGUST Pearlshipping. and I'll always will

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    Confession? Here
    - I still don't know why people ship FlarebusterShipping instead FlavescentShipping :v
    - I am totally LOVE all yaoi shippings. No exception.
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    Confessions? I got plenty!

    • When deciding which ships I like, whether or not it has canon hints or is canon doesn't have any influence.
    • I don't partake in shipping wars, but I do find them as well as shipping debates interesting to read. (Gets whiplashed)
    • Othelloshipping is my OTP, but I'm glad Hilda wasn't in the anime.
    • I don't really understand why many people ship only canon ships except when it's out of respect for the writers of said shippings.
    • Many of the shippings I support are rare and many of the ships I hate are common. I do not however only support ships just because they're rare or hate shippings just because they are common!
    • I'm almost obsessed with the concept of shipping for some reason and always love to blabber about shippings, whether they're ones I hate or love.
    • I'm determined for there to be more Othelloshipping fanfics.
    • I'm basically attached to Othelloshipping and would likely become attached to any other ship that can win my heart the way Othelloshipping did.
    • I'm a heavy encourager of people being more open to consider different shippings.
    • I generally though only ship in the Pokemon fandom.

    There you go! I think that's all of them!
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    I have some confessions to make:

    - I really get irked when people can’t distinguish between cross-canon counterparts when it comes to shipping.
    - I hate Sequelshipping with passion, but I would never have hated it if I have never seen a few Sequelshippers bashing Livecastershipping/bashing Curtis for having crush on Rosa. And yes, Livecastershipping is an OTP of mine.
    (Edit: I got over this at last. I mean my hate over sequelshipping, not over the bashing. Couldn't be happier, as hating is a lot of pointless energy there.)
    - I simply don’t understand shipping male and female protagonists together.
    - I generally hate yaoi/yuri because I think the fandom there is largely dim and obnoxious, but I HAVE seen obnoxious yaoi/yuri haters as well, in which case I will take the stance for yaoi/yuri.
    - I will only take any kind of shipping seriously only if I ever “fall in love” with a character to the degree I actually care about who they end up with. Otherwise, it’s all fair game.
    - Both my absolute OTP and my absolute NOTP are so marginal it is pointless to even discuss them here.
    - Human x Legendary Pokémon shippings are my guilty pleasure.

    Hum. That's all I can think of right now.
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    Ok I got some confessions to make
    I dont really like pokeshipping cause I think of it like a brother sister thing and because that community puts down other ships.
    My most hated ships are geekchickship and ferreswheelship.
    i love agencyshipping and mangaquestshipping.
    My favorite ship used to be advaceshipping but now I love amourshipping to death.
    pokemon x pokemon ships is somthing that I am netural towards.
    Meh I dont like many crack ships.
    Somtimes I find it hard to ship sombody I dont like

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    Think I need to get back in shipping now:

    - A biggy of mine is that I was given a shipping fic dare once...and didn't do it!
    - I despised and disagreed with any ship involving May / Drew not named Contestshipping. Not anymore though, I guess because I stopped following shippings.
    - Forgot that Contestshipping threads existed and joined several of them and then didn't return.
    - Wrote some badly planned fanfics...which didn't go well of course.
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    To be honest, I used to ship AAML for days on end. I wrote ridiculously long fan fictions, so many one-shots, and even wrote a freaking song.

    And I didn't even know any other ships until like a year ago, lol

    (not saying there's a problem with still one myself...)

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    Well, I'm not particularly guilty, but I do have a few things.
    1) I often have sudden urges to join shipping wars...
    2) I internaly scoff at ships that I think don't have good hints.
    Is this supposed to make me feel BETTER? :'(
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    I've been a part of the shipping wars for years now. Didn't like to engage in them but some users were just incredibly rude. The rudest/worst fanbase /I argued with was the Pokeshippers. And seeing as how many have mentioned them it just tells you the story. I backed up Pearlshipping the most since it exploded in popularity back 2008.

    1) Have been a supporter of Pearlshipping since 2008
    2) Dislike Pokeshipping the most along with Penguinshipping, Ikarishipping. But mostly Pokeshipping since I see nothing of significants.
    3) Somewhat like Advanceshipping, Orangeshipping, and a couple more I can't name.
    4) What I'll never understand is the hype behind Amourshipping. The first female character to fangirl over Ash while he brushes it off with his dense-ness. I mean she's an okay character but her character is mostly based on her crush on Ash. Nothing else. She's had little to no development in character growth.

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    Oh! This is so embarrasing!
    -Back when I was younger I used to be a Pokéshipper (nothing wrong with that), but when I wrote fics, I'd always write Dawn as a total ***** who tried to steal Misty from Ash (I don't even no why-now I see Pearlshipping as more platonic than anything). Classic immature 12 year old shipper! My fics were all terrible.
    -I've also supported some pretty weird ships over the years.
    -I hate most player character/player character ships. The only ones I sorta like are HoennShipping (which also counts as a rival shipping) and NewReplacementShipping (even though it's crack :P). The one I dislike the most is BurningLeafShipping, never understood the appeal (maybe that's just cause I'm a NamelessShipper but still). I just find rival ships much more interesting.
    -When it comes to the manga, I don't like OldRivalShipping. I've never understood why it has such a big following without many hints, but that's not even why I don't like it (I ship some pretty hintless ships). I just don't think they'd be good together. Same with SpecialShipping (even if it is half-canon).
    -I feel bad for shipping HoennChampionShipping, considering the age gap. I just like them together (but only when May's older, of course!).
    -I hate IkariShipping and just can't understand why it has such a huge following (I ship AppealShipping by the way). It's not even the lack of hints that bothers me, it's the lack of chemistry.
    -I'm also one of those people who loses their mind when people mix up ships across different canons (like ChessShipping and AgencyShipping or HunterShipping and PreciousMetalShipping-they're not the same thing!).
    -I used to be a ship basher, but I try not to be now.
    -I used to switch between Ash/Main Girl ships constantly for a while. Now I don't ship any of the Ash/Main Girl ships (I ship PalletShipping if you're curious).
    -I used to hate ContestShipping, now it's one of my favourites, same with OrangeShipping.
    -I don't like AmourShipping, due to the fact that I don't like Anime!Serena.
    -If a counterpart to Red & Green exist, chances are I'll ship them, same with Gold & Silver.
    -I sometimes ship couples just for the sake of pairing people off, despite how pointless that is!

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    -I never cared for PokeShipping once May was introduced, and began caring even less when we got Serena.

    -I fully support EntourageShipping. There's nothing wrong with it, shut up.

    -AppealShipping is the best possible anime ship. Dawn and Zoey just play so well off each other that it almost seems like it'd be a given were it not for the moral guardians.

    -I have a strange enjoyment for BlackthornShipping. I guess if Clair and Lance are gonna do stuff together we might as well move 'em to West Virginia, amirite? Okay that was a low blow I'm sorry.

    -GracefulShipping is the best ship of all time and anyone who disagrees is a heretic. A heretic, I say! I'm kidding, it's fine.

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    I don't really take shipping that seriously, but I do think some pairings are cute. So, here are my shipping confessions;

    - Hetero ships bore the living daylights out of me. Like I literally cannot express how tired I am of het shipping, in all shows/books/comics/etc. Whenever two opposite sex characters look at each other in even a slightly shippy way my eyes roll so far back istg :/

    - I love angsty stuff, but also have a serious addiction for sickly, fluffy-cutesy stuff too :3

    - Shipping wars are hilarious to read

    - Most of my ships are determined by fanfic instead of how cannon the pairing is. Except when there is a cannon F/F pair (such as Korrasami), in which case I will ship them forever!

    - sometimes I ship characters who have nothing to do with one another

    - I feel queasy whenever I come across a ship involving incest and/or a child+adult - but this isn't something I'm ashamed of tbh, so...

    - I really want to write fanfics, but never end up doing it

    - Dispite ^ I get disappointed when there are no fanfics/new fanfics of my fave ships

    - Humanxpokemon ships gross me out
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    Only one thing.

    I didn't like Elsa/Anna ship in frozen before coz i was like ewww incest but slowly i came to like it. Now its my OTP. Im happy for that coz i found my gf that way but sometimes i treat the sisters like best friends probably coz they grew up without having each other.

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    Only one thing for now: I really, really, really, REALLY want the Shippers' Truth Or Dare Thread back. D: I know, it's only been inactive for three weeks, but I was the last one to post in the thread and I really, really, really, REALLY don't want to be the one to kill it. Mostly because I'm a sucker for Truth or Dare and I want to participate in it more.
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    •I hate Amourshippers. I hate the shipping as well. I can't stand it at all, it bugs me more than AppleDash. (Pkm)
    •RariJack ftw. (MLP)
    •I'm a strong supporter of PokéShipping. (Pkm)
    •I can't think of a name for it, but Flippy x Flaky is some good ****. (HTF)

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    Time to let all the shiz out for me.

    - I admit... that I pair up any villain grunt with the main heroine of any pokemon game. It is not well known but I don't care.
    - I ABSOLUTELY HATE getting into a "ship war" debate with someone else. Who cares? -coughkidsthesedayscough-
    - Amourshipping does not interest me much but hey congratulations to Ash getting a girlfriend lol
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    A shipper's confession thread? Perfect! I've got a couple of things to get off of my chest.

    -I used to be an avid supporter of Negaishipping (hence the name…), but after a while, I started to realize that Iris seemed to treat Ash like a kid more so than an equal, which he was. Then again, I didn't like the Unova series in full…

    -I don't really have any obsessions with a lot of ships. The Ash X main girl ships have their fair amount of hints per generation, and we're getting more of those with the XY series. And that brings me to the next thing…

    -Amourshipping isn't my favorite Ash ship, even though I like the idea of a main girl having a crush on him. To tell the truth, I used to be an avid supporter of the ship as well, and I still make posts on the thread from time to time. But because of the stuff I write for my fanfiction page, along with my stupid brain continuing to think about this pairing to death, I've got Ash shipped with someone else.

    -I ship Ash with Mirajane Strauss from Fairy Tail. Okay, there, I said it. It's in my sig, so I don't wanna wear it out. I put these two together because it seemed like a joke at first, as I believed Ash would fall for someone like Mirajane, no matter how dense he seemed. It was intended to just be a cutesy pairing while Amourshipping would be my canon, but after constantly thinking about it and even writing up a Christmas story for them, I couldn't resist making them canon instead. I felt so bad because it meant Serena would be alone in my fanfic universe.


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    1. I cannot stand same sex pairings. Never have, never will.
    2. Incest pairings are just morally wrong. The whole Elsa/Anna ship defeats the theme of the movie. It was sister love, not romantic love.
    3. Dawn/Paul is misguided at best and illogical at worst.
    4. Pokeshipping had its day, but most of the stories I have read about it involve Ash giving into Misty to keep the peace. Unhealthy.
    5. Ash/Iris is nonsensical.
    6. While Amourshipping is my OTP for Pokémon, I also adore Geekchicshipping.
    7. I don't like when fanfiction authors change the sexual orientation of a character.
    8. High school fan fics are awesome and we need more good ones since it can lead to good love stories.
    9. Misty's mallet and Pikachu's love for ketchup are overused in romance stories.
    10. Shipping should not be so serious.
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    1. I strongly dislike popular bandwagon shippers (*cough* Amourshipping *cough*)
    2. I hate that people solely ship people that look cute together (especially if they never even met). I believe that you should ship people based on compatibility, connection, and relation between them. It's the reason I hate uncanon yaoi/yuri ships.
    3. Human x Pokemon >.< NO!!! (same with incest-shipping)
    4. I don't like shippers who don't accept other people's opinion
    5. I dislike uncalled for bashing
    6. I don't like the way Serena met Ash: how does that make a valid reason to like someone for years based on that one single interaction as young kids?
    8. I hate with a burning passion shippers who make illogical points to support/disapprove a ship
    9. At some point I considered shipping Amour but then I decided to remain a Pearlshipper
    10. I still don't know what a shipping war is like (lucky me I guess)
    11. I want there to be a spin-off of Pokemon that's more slightly darker that star Ash and his friends. The anime as it is is killing me
    12. I took a break from Pokemon at Gen V. Then years later, I decided to play gen IV games so it technically brought me back... during gen VI

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    Well, time to join the crew. Not much else I can do in the meantime...

    -I confess that I´ḿ neutral to both same sex relationships, but absolutely DESPISE any rival shippings. Be it Ash/Gary, Ash/Paul, NaruSasu or Drarry, I simply cannot stand seeing rivals be all lovey dovey and out-of-character.
    -I confess that I prefer seeing Link/Midna to Link/Zelda.
    -My OTP is Altoshipping... and the sad thing is, it actually makes more sense to me than any shipping with the main cast save for Amourshipping.

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    1. i am kinda disgusted by protag/enemy and protag/champion ships, just because of the huge age differences (the only exception to this is rosa(or nate)/iris)
    2. brendan/may/wally is the cutest ship! i wish it were more popular!
    3. same with may/zinnia and serena/shauna (really, just about all femslash pairs)
    4. i kind of don't like pokemon/pokemon ships. they're not bad in any way, more like they just don't interest me. the only exception to this is shipping counterpart pokemon, which i do enjoy

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    - I admit that at first, I gave Amour a chance when it first started out, but as the XY series continued, I found Serena to be bland and that her main selling point was her crush on Ash. So sorry Pokeshipping, for almost leaving you behind...
    - I now cannot stand Serena and anything Amour. But if you like it, then kudos to you, I guess.
    - I support Poke, Contest, and Hoenn. There were also moments when I was curious about Advance, but for the most part stayed faithful to Poke.
    - I haven't seen Shipping wars here, but I think they're much more prevalent on DA. Poke vs. Amour couldn't be anymore real there...-shudders-
    - I didn't cry when Serena lost her first contest. (INB4 salty comments)

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    This is a doozy. Apparently I had a looooot to say.


    » Speaking as a proud shipper, I believe shippers who obsess over ships to the point of bashing, flaming and crying over others who don't agree with them are some of the worst fans in any fandom, and the ship wars that come to be from it are permanent battle scars no one should have to suffer from. I will confess that years ago I was close to becoming one of these people (nearly got into a huge, flaming argument with one of the biggest PataGato shippers I know of) before I caught myself in time, apologized to them, and learned to keep my thoughts to myself, and then later on not letting pairings bother me, regardless if they were canon or not. Shipping is supposed to be for fun, not for sport, and yet this is why shippers are looked down upon.

    » That said, I confess I was a little shit about it when I was a teenager, and took it a little too seriously at times. I'm glad I had experiences and some advice where I was able to mature from it. With that also said, because I'm still so into MewShipping, it's hard for me to put them into a story and not have them be romantically involved or even have feelings for one-another—and even if they do, it's just as hard to keep them out of focus of the main story when they're not the main characters. I still have lots to learn, lol.

    » In the meantime, despite what I said above (and I mean every little bit of it), I think I still have some emotional attachment to some of my favorite ships. I feel deep down inside Wizardmon/Gatomon is the one that has an iron grip on my emotions due to being one of the most tragic pairings I've ever supported—pretty sure I'm going to die if Digimon Adventure tri ever brings Wizardmon back, so I'm secretly hoping that doesn't happen although I will still welcome it because it's going to wreck me amongst other wrecking things the series has so far already done.

    » I believe the Pokémon shippers and Digimon shippers to be some of the worst of the entire shipping community (based on what I've personally seen). Pokémon shippers are the only ones (that I can think of) to have peace treaties, but Digimon shippers (particularly the Taiora/Sorato and Takari/Dakari ships) have some of the bloodiest—and it's just gotten worse ever since tri came out. Guys, it's over. I'm sad, too, that Taiora isn't canon, and I was bitter about it for years as well, but for the last couple of years, I did my research on it and now I'm totally okay with Sorato being canon. So please: stop. Write your fics and draw your fan-art if you have to, but stop throwing punches.

    » I haven't really seen them in a long time, but fics in which a character or two dies or are just really out-of-character simply so the author's OTP can happen are despicable and will get me to avoid the author regardless of how well-known or talented they are. I confess I was like this with Hamtaro in having Boss being “offed” or some other messed up way simply so Hamtaro and Bijou could be together (I was ten, mind you, although I didn't know about fan fics and shipping at the time), but I hadn't done it since for anything. I don't plan to even for parodies.

    » I don't care about same-sex pairings, but you'll never see me support them outside of friendships if there's no confirmation that they're canon.

    » Incest pairings do bother me if only because I've yet to find anything outside of the anime Koi Kaze that treats it seriously and realistically. And even then, it's not enough for me to support them at all.

    » “Age is but a number” romances also bother me a little, just not as much as incest pairings. Off the top of my head, the only pairing I like that is of the May-December romance trope is Meta Knight/Tiff (Fumu) although Mewtwo/Mew counts under here as well, more-often than not. Although if there's magic/supernatural/interspecies involved alongside the great chemistry of the characters, the age gap is an afterthought.

    » It secretly kind of bothers me that I know very few people who like the same ships I do and are actively contributing to them, but that's unfortunately the drawback about these inactive/rare ships. I don't mind writing out the stories I write and drawing what I draw since they are what I personally would like to see with these pairings, but I do highly appreciate reading other people's stories and seeing their artwork. Until then, as long as I know I am making someone's day in them reading something new about their favorite ship, I will continue to do what I do in attempting to revive these ships.

    » I noticed in recent years I have a better chance of really liking the ship is it's of the Huge Guy, Tiny Girl trope—but that was something I only noticed after a long time of loving my favorite ships, so this is probably just a subconscious thing/preference of mine. (Hint, hint.)

    » This could be because I'm not watching Pokémon XY at the moment (I'll get to it some day), but based on everything I've read and heard and even saw in the movies about anime-Serena, AmourShipping is honestly one of the (very few) Ash pairings I personally don't understand at all. I know the ship happened the moment she was announced, but when it was revealed she has a crush on Ash, it exploded, and I feel like that's a rather shallow reason for getting into a pairing simply because there's a one-sided crush before she developed character. I wouldn't have minded if she developed it as time went on, but for it to be one of the first known aspects about her and thus why the pairing existed in the first place rubs me the wrong way. The shipping wars that have spawned from it have only further spoiled it for me.
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