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    Default Battle Me Thread - Official Battle Spot / VGC Battles

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    I assume for the most part, the recent Spooky Cup would fall under VGC? Basically I'm looking for double battles where the trainers only use the eligible pokémon from the recent Spooky Cup. Only thing I'd change from their rules is megas of eligible pokémon are fine as well as not banning transfered 'mons. However, I will not battle pokémon that have been generated and/or altered, pokémon that have been bred from known to be generated and/or altered pokémon ANYWHERE in their family tree, as well as generated items (I don't mind painted shinies, clones, and/or altered name/ball)

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    Wow I wish I had found this section sooner! Message me if you're interested in VGC battles! Best of 3 is preferred, but I'll do whatever, even if you're just testing new teams!

    I think that team-building is best done in a group for VGC, so if anyone needs help with their team or is looking to get into the format, I'll willing to help any way I can! Nothing against smogon or singles formats, but I really prefer VGC and have gotten pretty good I think, and I really want the format to continue to grow! I hang out over at NuggetBridge (a competitive Pokemon site dedicated pretty much solely to VGC) pretty often and I think I've done good work rating VGC teams here on serebii, so I think I'm capable of giving a lot of constructive input to anyone who wants help!
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    Hello I would like to try out my team for the June international challenge
    Best two out of three preferred
    Double battle
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    Anyone participating in the Weakness Cup? Looking to get some practice battles in before it starts.

    PM me please.

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    Anyone wanna smash me in a wifi battle?

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