Ok seen the episode.

As expected Masmune and Ash won their double battles. Tetsuya was not featured battling.

A side bit involve revealing that Team Rocket selling snacks isn't their own thing, but they are working for a guy there who really insists on them working hard. In fact, just after they caught Ash and Pikachu in one of their pitfall traps... the guy comes to them and tells them to get back to work and they do so.

As for the battles:

Masamune w/ Growlithe and Gilgar vs. Muscle bound trainer w/ Machamp and Marowak

Gilgar KOs Machamp. Marowak KOs Growlithe. Gilgar KOs Marowak

Ash w/ Corphish and Torkal vs. Green haired kid w/ Swalot and Tropius

Tropius and Torkoal double KO each other. Corphish KOs Swalot.