"Name's Valentina Araw, and yeah, I heard your name earlier, Adirael," she said. She raised an eyebrow at his chuckle, caught off guard for once but she chuckled along with him, considering what her answer will be. "Eh, I ended up there 'cause I was behind the times in the appearance of prisons. I was trying to free the prisoners when I didn't know it was Ironclad." Another chuckle. "You can guess how well that went. If I knew it was the infamous gulag, I probably wouldn't have tried."
"A pleasure to meet you, and may we fight well together," Adirael replied. "I think most would avoid Ironclad if they could help it." He chuckled again and smirked. "Though you and I know better than most how lacking their hospitality is, so I'm sure you share my disinterest in ever returning to those abysmal cells." He laughed. "I was trying to help some unfortunate souls escape the D-Brigade, overreached myself, and was captured. I then spent perhaps a year in my cell contemplating matters while the guards tried their utter best to bore me with inane taunting."

He remembered his capture well. He remembered swooping down between the Commandramon platoon and their quarry, shotguns ripping through the enemy ranks. His claws ripped through a Sealsdramon's throat. Wings beat and he dodged the clumsy volleys aimed his way as his shotguns claimed more of the enemy. He glanced back and called for the Digimon he was trying to save to run. They fled and he fought on to give them time.

A group of Darkdramon descended, and though one fell with slugs puncturing its skull, the others were too much.

And so he was dragged in chains to Ironclad.

But as far as he knew, he had succeeded in saving those few, and that had given him satisfaction even as the D-Brigade's troops vented their frustration on him.

Valentina broke him from his thoughts by continuing.

"Bah, never liked the place. I hated it. Quickly got tired of it what with all the 'mons trying to control each other. And the selfishness, ugh. It was a lot harder to get to me since I saw through their lies. Left a long time ago. When I was... a Dobermon. Like I said, it's been a while. Been Realmless longer than I've been in the Syndicate."

"So what about you? Are you in about the same boat? You sure ain't the kind to take advantage of others." She did a quick up and down glance of him. "And a lot more refined than anyone I knew from there."
"Something similar to you," Adirael replied. "I served loyally for years, but I found it so empty. I talked to the priests and read the scriptures, and the more I learned, the more I saw the rot and hypocrisy permeating the Syndicate. I saw the lies and I could no longer follow such a society." He paused. "I did awful things in the Syndicate's name. I enforced their will and eventually I saw what corruption I was serving, but I could trust no one. So I left to try and find myself after leading a life of lies."

He looked at her with a wry smile. "I might be refined, Valentina, but I'm still a demon after all. Are you really so certain I wouldn't take advantage of others if it served my purposes?"