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Thread: 5th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

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    Yesterday, I played my White 2. I hadn't checked my Hidden Grottos on that game in a while, so I decided to visit several grottos around Unova. I mostly found items in them, including a Hyper Potion and several repels. In one of the Route 6 grottos, though, I found a wild Woobat. Catching it was really easy since I got a critical capture with the Ultra Ball I tossed.

    Next, I wandered over to Icirrus City. I hadn't seen the city in wintertime in quite a while IIRC, so I just wanted to walk around and see the snow. Also, I remembered about the seasonal Shadow Triad battles. I battled all three triad members, defeating them using my Ferrothorn, Gyarados, and Hydreigon.
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    I've been sporadically playing my BWB2W2 games for trade fodder to transfer over to USUM. (Wild Milotic, Politoed, and Slowking; not to mention easy Goletts and Golurks? YES PLEASE.) I've gotten lucky with Hidden Grottoes in my White 2: three of them had HA Pokemon in them (like Combee and Pachirisu). On Christmas in the same game, my entire team somehow contracted Pokerus (the gift that keeps on giving) while I was hunting winter Wailord and Walrein and Jellicent by Undella. It's the first time that's happened to me in-game.

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    i'm replaying my black 2 with a bug monotype challenge, and it's fairly entertaining. My only problem is fitting HM slaves into my team comp. So far my bugs are: Heracross, Dwebble, Leavanny, and scolipede. I was going to add a vespequeen, but combee had a twice as likely percent chance of showing up as heracross does and it took me about an hour of REing to get my heracross and i never once encountered a female combee so i'm not going to bother. I could get a cute charmer but it's just too much effort I think.
    My last two slots (if I can even fill those without hm slaves) will likely be joltik and one of the two trade evolution bugs that idr the names of. Probably the one i never used. Shelbug? eh.
    Anyways, I just beat the ground type gym.
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    Got back into Unova recently by playing through White 2. Wanted to use some different Pokemon; my team ended up being Krookodile, Jellicent M, Reuniclus, Galvantula Braviary and Mienshao. Played on Challenge mode which I found made the game more fun, as did working on my dex during the game xD. My team was all level 70 before the E4 and surprising despite being over leveled they provided a good challenge. One feature I love about these games is the medals, it's so fun to collect them! This time around I also knew about pass powers and used them which helped loads :P. I actually beat White Treehollow with just my main team, which is surprising as I thought I would need competitive mons for it. It's a great place to level up and earn money, although after getting the relic crown I am loaded xD. My next task will most likely breeding competitive pokemon for the Subway whilst working on my dex
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    So I decided to pick up my Black 2 after having not played it in a long time. First, I decided to level up my Join Avenue by recommending some visitors to my stalls, which caused my Join Avenue to level up to Rank 4. Then I had a shot at the lottery and unfortunately didn't receive the best prize and got a Berry Juice. After that, I flew to White Treehollow to grind my Pokémon a bit more by battling a couple of Breeders and challenged Area 7. Although it took a while, I cleared Area 7, unlocked Area 8 and got a Swift Wing.

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