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Thread: 5th Gen Recent Happenings Thread

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    After starting White 2 again and transferring up a Sableye, I've got all the way to Nimbasa city in the space of 3 days. Didn't struggle with any leaders, but it's a hassle grinding my Pokemon in desert resort before tackling Elesa. I caught N's Scraggy, however, and found his Sigilyph at least 4 times, but it escaped each time using whirlwind. Going to teach Sableye taunt as a precaution if a encounter it again.

    My team as it stands:
    Lucario Lv21
    Arcanine Lv22
    Sableye Lv24
    Flaafy Lv20
    Herdier Lv21
    Servine Lv23

    I have claimed Rayman 3: Hoodlum Havoc and Cheren
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    After stocking up on some items, I returned to the sports stadiums to fight some more trainers. I ended up fighting quite a few of the trainers across both stadiums, definitely more than half of them, which allowed every member of my team to grow at least two more levels.

    Once I was finished doing things in Nimbasa, I flew back to Striaton City and then headed to the Dreamyard. I remembered there was more to it than I'd seen previously, so I went down to the basement section to explore. While looking around, I also took care of all the trainers. All of those battles helped my Pokemon level up even more, with my Bisharp and Omastar reaching level 70.

    Eventually, I left the basement and reached the southern portion of the outside area. There, I found Gorm of the Seven Sages and got Looker to arrest him. IIRC, I now have four sages left to find.
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