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Thread: 1st/2nd Gen Recent Happenings Thread

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    Yesterday, I headed down to Vermilion City and went to the Gym. All of the trainers, including Lt. Surge, were pretty easy to deal with thanks to my Sandslash's Earthquake. Surge's two Electrode both used Double Team, but fortunately Sandslash didn't miss.

    After that, I decided to get the Celadon Gym done as well. My Typhlosion defeated Erika and all the other Gym trainers on its own. I just Fire Punched everything and didn't take any damage IIRC.

    Next time, I'll head to the Fuchsia Gym, and maybe do the Saffron Gym as well.
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    after 1100 (ish) soft resets I got shiny ho-oh
    after (maybe a 1000?) soft resets I got shiny lugia

    this was a good month
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    Emerald Team
    Platinum Team
    Heart Gold Team
    Black 2 Team
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    Poemon Sun Inecinaroar, lycanroc-day, toucanon, mimkyu, komomo'o,tseerna

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    pokedex: complete -
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