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    Default Love at Second Sight (Ash x Whitney)

    Love at Second Sight [Milkshipping]
    Approved Rating: PG-13

    PART 1
    It was a clear, cool, and sunny mid-June morning in the woods south of Goldenrod. Ash, who was training for continental tourney, was traveling through Johto for the second time. He was wearing very light clothes, (not much if you ask) which included blue tank tops, black shorts, and bare feet, in which his soles had turned black for not wearing any shoes for the past several days.

    At around 10, he slipped on a pair of “massage slides” that he had been carrying throughout his journey. He headed towards the shore to wash his feet, which he had a hard time with as he had grown calluses on the bottoms of his feet, and then headed towards the peak of the hill where he and the group he had been with who had all split some time ago found reason to celebrate.

    Ash headed down the hill towards the city limits. By the time he entered, it had heated to about 26°C, just before 11. His Pokémon were all tired out from the several days of battling, so he needed to get to the Pokémon Center as soon as he could.
    When he entered the Pokémon center, he saw a familiar face.

    “Ash!” shouted Whitney as soon as she saw him.

    “Haven’t seen you in years!”

    “Hi Whitney!” Ash replied, as Whitney came over to hug him.

    “So how’s things at the gym?” asked Ash.

    “uuuhhhhh… I better talk about that later.” Whitney answered in a mood swing.

    Ash had all his Pokémon healed, and then exited the Pokémon center with Whitney.

    “What did you want to tell me?” Ash said to Whitney.

    With reluctance, Whitney spoke up. “uuhhhh… I’ve been booted out as leader.”

    “Why?” asked a shocked Ash.

    Whitney grabbed Ash’s arm and took him to a wooded area.

    “You see, officials at the Johto League recently decided that they no longer needed me as Gym Leader for the Plain Badge. Nasty people.” Whitney said softly to Ash. “It wasn’t just me that got kicked out. Gym leaders at Ecruteak and Blackthorn were also thrown out.” Whitney continued. “It was part of the league officials’ plan to get rid of their so-called opposition leaders.”

    “Awww. I’m so sorry that had to happen,” cried Ash.

    “Me too. It’s things we all have to go through” Whitney replied as she grabbed Ash’s hands, making him blush. Tears began to flow in her eyes, so she laid her head on Ash’s chest and began to weep.

    “It’ll be alright, It’ll be alright” Ash lamented, trying to calm Whitney down.

    After a few minutes, Whitney asked, “What brings you here?”

    Ash replied, “I’m… or I was… training for the continental tourney”

    “I’m just startin’ my own journey like regular trainers do” Whitney said back. “now that I’ve been booted out of the gym,” she continued sadly.

    Ash began to shy away towards the beach, and Whitney followed. “Where are we going?” she asked.

    “I wanna go to the beach and have some fun,” Ash said happily.

    “Allright!” Whitney said with obvious cheer.

    They both separated to change quite some distance away.

    When they rejoined, Ash pulled a bottle of sunscreen from his backpack.

    “Hey, rub some on my back would cha?” Whitney asked.

    After Ash rubbed the sunscreen on as much of his body as he could, he began rubbing some on Whitney’s back. Whitney smiled as she felt Ash’s hands rub against her skin.

    “Let’s go!” both shouted as they headed towards the shore.

    Ash borrowed a surfboard, and Whitney laid in the sand to sunbathe. Next, they were playing Frisbee and beachball. They even buried each other in the sand.

    Later, clouds rolled in, and they left to change back into their normal clothes, and went inside a nearby diner to stay dry and to have dinner. There, after the two filled their orders, Ash found a perfect opportunity to start a semi-intimate conversation with Whitney.

    “You know, it seems funny knowing that you’re no longer gym leader,” Ash said to Whitney

    “It seems odd knowing that you came back to this area,” Whitney said in response. “By the way, what happened to your Pika?”

    “Team Rocket took it away… recently,” Ash cried softly.

    “Aww, I’m sorry to hear that.” Whitney said, looking to cheer Ash up.

    Ash then told the big story. “When we were heading towards Azalea, Pikachu was grabbed by a net coming from their Meowth balloon, and they used water guns, bolts, even illegal tazers to stop me. I was zapped real good, but recovered rather quickly. Next thing I know, they cut off my path of travel by cutting all the wires of a nearby electric transmission line. The only way for me to get across was to go all the way to the next tower where the wires were safely overhead. Unfortunately, there was no way for me to catch up with them. I reported it to the nearest police post. Their severing of the transmission line was not only dangerous, but thousands were of course left without power, but now that’s been taken care of, even though Team Rocket has not been apprehended.”

    Changing the subject, Ash noticed that Whitney had shining pink earrings. “Those are the most beautiful earrings I’ve seen” he blushed.

    “Thanks. I got them as my last birthday present” Whitney replied.

    They were served after their conversation was finished. After the two finished their dinner, Whitney paid the bill for both, by the time they left, it had cleared up, and it was less than three hours from sunset.

    They went out into the forest to train their Pokémon. The two even had a battle using Whitney’s Nidorina, and Ash’s Golbat. Ash won, but Whitney didn’t cry this time.

    Once the battle was over, they began to find a camping spot for the night.

    Before they chose their place to camp out for the night, Ash wanted to admit something to Whitney.

    “There’s something I need to say, but you might hate me for it,” Ash told Whitney with high reluctance and fear.

    “What is it? I won’t get angry” Whitney encouraged sweetly.

    “I…. I … I … l… I love you.” Ash stammered

    “Aw, I’ve been waiting to hear that forever, sweetheart.” Whitney said with tears of joy. She moved her lips towards his and gave him a soft kiss on his lips.

    Ash returned a bigger kiss to Whitney, making her blush. They gave each other a big hug, holding on for what seemed like forever.

    They eventually moved over side by side, Whitney put her arm around Ash’s neck; in return, he put his hand on Whitney’s back and rubbed it, which resulted in her blushing.

    “That feels so good...” Whitney muttered to herself in a whisper.

    They faced the sunset, occasionally pecking one another on the cheeks.

    Eventually, they set up camp for the night, right next to each other. Whitney sung Ash to sleep, and continued to until she fell asleep herself.
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    It's so cute! I really support this ship. Such a cute story. *hugs fic* So sweet. I love it. Whitney luvs Ash!!! So cute how she sung him to sleep. Keep up the good work.

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    I wish there were more Milkshippy fics out there...

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    Okay. I like those parts, but when they going to get Ash's pikachu back from TR.

    TR, oh those creeps never gives up!!

    I glad that Ashy,and Whitney enjoyed their night. But Ash have to get his pikachu back. He really miss him so much.
    I am here to help others to solve their problem,and I'm also the big fan of Kissshipping. But right now, I'm an Amourshipper.

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    PART 2

    It was barely sunrise when Ash woke up. Whitney was still fast asleep, and did not wake up when Ash nudged her lightly. “Wake up sweetie” Ash whispered to Whitney. Ash then picked up the non-responding girl’s right hand and kissed it.

    “uuuuuu… huh?” Whitney groaned as she woke up. “Why you up so early sweetie?”

    “I had a weird dream” Ash answered. “It was about you being reappointed as gym leader. Some of the previous staff at the gym petitioned to have you back as gym leader, and that you gave me the choice of either working at the gym with you or breaking up.”

    Whitney remained still and blushed. “Oh sweetie!” She pushed herself up and kissed Ash.

    After the two were fully awake they headed back into Goldenrod to go into the Pokémon Center, where they both had short stack pancakes.

    Thereafter, they went to Whitney’s house, so that she could pack more of her clothes and food. It was really small, intended for only a couple to live in. It was provided by the League, even though they allowed her to keep it after job termination.

    “This house is the only thing those league people let me keep from my tenure at the gym” Whitney commented with her eyes closed.

    Just then, Ash noticed a phonograph turntable on top of a small bookshelf. Whitney approached it, went down into the bookshelf, pulled out an original Charlie Gracie single, placed it on the turntable to play “Butterfly.” Whitney grabbed Ash’s hand and did a slow, gentle dance.

    After the song ended, Whitney turned on the television and channel surfed to the LNN (which Whitney despised quite a lot),which was running a story saying that the Johto League Board of Directors would soon put in new gym leaders at the expense of some existing leaders. Whitney became disgusted with the story and turned the set off.

    Quite sometime later, Ash and Whitney were on their way to The Star Nine, a cinema that was on the north side of the city. They agreed to see “Love is Lonely” a (guess) “chick flick” that had garnered rave reviews. The move was so romantically biased, it made them both cry.

    When they left the theater, Ash asked “Is it a coincidence that I suddenly love you so much, years after first meeting you to battle for the Plain Badge?”
    “Guess so.” Whitney answered.

    By the time they headed towards Violet, through the northern path, they encountered a roadblock. It was a sleeping Snorlax.

    “Uh oh…what do we do?” Whitney asked, puzzled, and with her arm linked to Ash’s.

    “I’ll handle this, sweetheart.” Ash said as he pulled an awakening, but it failed to wake the Snorlax.

    “Isn’t there another way?” Whitney whined.

    “I have another plan, don’t worry” Ash said as he grabbed Whitney’s arm and went through the woods that ran alongside the road.

    By the time they were out they were successfully on the other side of Snorlax.

    “Wheh!” Ash sighed. “That went well.”

    “Remind us both to call for help rather than taking shortcuts like that again!” Whitney groaned.

    “I’m sorry sweetheart” Ash lamented.

    “You didn't have to apologize,” Whitney said, feeling relieved that they were now well on their way.

    Ash instantly gave Whitney a big hug for the accomplishment. Both were blushing with hot, rosy, pink in their cheeks. They both laughed after they let go of themselves.

    Soon, they encountered a wild, yet oversized Raticate. It was an opportunity for them to start training their Pokémon.

    Whitney was the first to respond. “Miltank, go!” she shouted
    Ash called out his Cyndaquil.
    “Miltank, Rollout” Whitney shouted to Milty.
    “Milllllllllllll!” Miltank whined as it headed straight for the Raticate.
    Raticate was knocked into the sky, but wasn’t giving up as it landed.
    “Cyndaquil, Flamethrower” Ash commanded.
    Although the Raticate tried to evade it as far as possible, it eventually got the blast. The Raticate ran away.

    “That’s one done” Whitney said and then chuckled.

    Ash went over to Whitney and gave her another kiss. “That was an excellent battle!” Ash said sweetly.

    “Don’t stretch it.” Whitney said as she closed her eyes. “You did what you could too.” Whitney said in encouragement.

    They found a small pond to sit near and flirted.

    “You know, by the minute, you just get sweeter on both the inside and outside” Ash commented.

    “After you defeated my Milty at Milton’s farm you seemed to show feelings for me.” Whitney remarked back at him.

    “After finishing Hoenn, I was selected to voluntarily compete in the Global Tourney.” Ash continued.

    “I don’t even remember seeing you during the Johto League championships.”

    “Brock went back to running the Pewter Gym after Hoenn”

    “And what about Misty?”

    “I paid off her bike, and she disappeared for good. I haven’t heard from her since.”

    “After the elections the league officials said that they would guarantee that I stay as gym leader for four more years.”

    “You seemed to show feeling for me when you gave me the Plain Badge.” Ash put his hand on her legs, making Whitney blush. In return, Whitney wrapped her arm around Ash’s neck and whispered random romantic comments into his ear.

    After remaining silent for a few minutes, Ash linked arms with Whitney and continued towards Violet City.
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    Okay, this is pretty effective. But when do Ash find,and save his pikachu from Team Rocket? He really love his very first pokemon.
    I am here to help others to solve their problem,and I'm also the big fan of Kissshipping. But right now, I'm an Amourshipper.

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    SO CUTE! I like it. So cute. I hope this isn't the end of it. You're doing good.

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    I argee with him. But this thing can't end until Ash find his pikachu,and destroy TR once at for all. He can't live without his very first pokemon.

    I really love this story. I hope it's not the end of this. I don't want to see the end like this without Ash's pikachu.

    TR is stand for Team Rocket.
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    I am here to help others to solve their problem,and I'm also the big fan of Kissshipping. But right now, I'm an Amourshipper.

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    PART 3
    After quite a while of walking and beating the increasingly harsh winds, Ash and Whitney finally made it into Violet City. They went into the Pokémon center to get accommodations for the night. They both had their own rooms, several doors apart from each other.

    “Guess this is where we split” Whitney said softly to Ash “Good night”

    “Good night to you too,” Ash replied, giving Whitney another big hug and she kissed him lightly on the neck.

    By 8AM Ash awoke, and when he left his room, Whitney was not out there yet. He moped around the hall until Whitney popped out just a few minutes later.

    “Good morning cutie pie” Ash said to Whitney.

    “Hey Ash!” Whitney gave a big smile, knowing that it was morning.
    Soon they had breakfast, then they headed out towards the east, where a new path was constructed that crossed into Kanto. They found a whole pack of angry Pidgeotto swarming down at them.

    Ash immediately called out his Cyndaquil to use Flamethrower. Whitney brought in her Clefairy and had it use Metronome. Their outgoing attacks were enough to scare the flock away.

    More was to come however. A swarm of Beedrill was headed right for them. Ash kept out his Cyndaquil all this time, so he as able to have it Flamethrow away the swarm.

    Whitney was hiding behind a giant rock when the Beedrill came to attack. “It’s okay, you can come out now.” Ash told Whitney after he got rid of the Beedrill.

    When they reached the top of the hill, they noticed a tall dome-shaped building with a horseshoe magnet-like object on top of it. When they came closer to it, they noticed several armored trucks all white with a red “R” on them.

    “Team Rocket” gruntled Ash.

    “How are we gonna get in there?” asked Whitney.

    “Just keep a low profile.” Ash whispered.

    They both snuck into a door colored the same as the building.
    Unknowningly to them, there were hidden cameras in the ceilings throughout the building, as well as trip lasers. Whitney accidentally walked into a beam, triggering a siren and an announcement from the surveillance people.

    “Attention: We have intruders inside the main garrison. Initiate Security LockDown.” Lights flashed, and the same siren wailed again.

    “We’re trapped!” Ash whispered.

    “Oh no!” Whitney cried.

    “We better split up” Ash told Whitney.

    “Okay” Whitney answered.

    As they split up, Ash found a switch panel locked inside a glass case. He smashed it open with his foot, and pressed a heavy button. Next, he found a fire equipment case that had an axe in it, smashed it open also, and took the axe. With the axe, he threw it at the ceiling several times, and hit one of the cameras.

    “Our cameras are going out!” shouted the troopers in the surveillance room.

    Just then, Whitney found a trooper on patrol. She grabbed him, found some rope in a closet, tied him up, and put him in the closet. Then she went to the camera console and flipped the “master” switch, which turned off all the surveillance cameras throughout the building. She noticed screws holding the switch down, found a drawer with screwdrivers, and used one of them to unscrew the switch off the panel, and cut the wiring off it so that nobody could turn the cameras back on. Then she found a telephone nearby and called the nearest police post to tell them to come and infiltrate the stronghold.

    In a few minutes, Whitney went back to the door where she and Ash entered. She heard the door thump several times. The door had been knocked in and a Officer Jenny barged in with some troops. Whitney shouted to them “Just take a look around.”
    “Okay” Jenny replied. “Let’s go troops” she commanded.

    Meanwhile Ash had made his way to an electric generation room. He looked around, and finally, after more than a week, he found his Pikachu sitting in a cage that had wires hooked to his cheeks. There were other cages around him that had Electrode in them. Ash found a way to open the cage-he brought out his Totodile to try and bite the cage door open. It took quite a while, but the door eventually budged.

    “Pika-pi!” Pikachu cired happily now that it was back with Ash.

    “We gotta get outta here!” Ash said in a hurry.

    On Whitney’s side, Officer Jenny’s colleagues had broke into the power transformer/turbine room which was next to the generating room with the Electrode. Two troops had pushed a log they found into the door, another was carrying a crowbar, and another with an axe. As soon as the door was broken in, troops rushed into the turbine room. The trooper with the crowbar jammed it into the turbine and the trooper with the axe used it to cut the power cables. The generator room gave power to the horseshoe magnet on top of the building which was intended to attract Pokémon to it.

    Once the power was cut off, several more troopers set explosive charges throughout the building. Every Team Rocket member found was apprehended, and taken outside to police cars and prison trucks. Officer Jenny found an office which contained keys to all of the TR vehicles, and took them all. Whitney and Jenny quickly ran out the nearest exit of the building. Whitney ran to the edge of the nearby forest to hide. Just several minutes later, the building began to collapse, and the main dome with the horseshoe magnet caved in while clouds of smoke poured from it. The Team Rocket stronghold had been destroyed.

    After the building exploded, Ash realized that Whitney might have still been in there. “Oh no! Whitney!” Ash whispered shocked. “Whitney… Whitney” Ash called out several times. After minutes of no response, Ash began to cry.

    “I’ve lost her. I’ve lost my sweetheart…” Ash sobbed.

    Suddenly, Ash felt a hand on the back of his neck. Ash turned around and was surprised to see Whitney.

    “Whitney! You’re alive!” Ash cheered. “I thought I’d lose you forever!” he cried.

    “Oh Ash. I would never leave you like that!” Whitney cried. She gave Ash a big hug, and then locked lips for what seemed like forever.

    Whitney then noticed Pikachu. “You got your Pikachu back?” Whitney asked Ash, as she put her hand on its head and rubbed it.

    “It was quite the challenge.” Ash said.

    After most of the dust settled, Ash and Whitney had their own celebration of their victory over Team Rocket. Then they set up camp for the night on the now former TR site. Whitney then sung a lulling tune to Ash, and as soon as he fell asleep, Whitney whispered “Good night, I love you.”

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    How sweet

    Im not nessecarily a huge fan of sweet I prefer the evolution of infatuation into love in shipping fics, and Ash kinda just told Whitney he loved her out of nowhere.

    There was a few lines that REALLY REALLY bothered me

    Ash remarked “I love you always. You’re like the sister I’ve never had.”
    Whitney blushed at the remark. “You’re like the brother I’ve never had. I love you too.”
    Brother and sister love? I think the whoel redneck thing is getting to Ash and Whitney (I can mkae fun of rednecks because Im southern!)

    I think Ash and Whitney is a very good couple and I think the pokemon official corruption and pikachu getting stolen was very good ideas.

    Keep up the good work!
    A Championship Battle
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    This story is too fleshed out and completed in my head for me not to finish it. I'm determined to finish my first real, fleshed out fiction. And I'll wait until it's done before posting it. Chapters 6/18.

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    I edited those lines out.
    BTW do any of the details in the invasion sequence of Part 3 look familiar?
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    How sweet. I'm glad pikachu's back ;25;

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    That was Amazing!! Not only that they saved Ash's pikachu, but they destroyed TR stronghold.

    The best part is that Ash,pikachu,and Whitney are reunited.

    This fight is far from over, because Team Rocket plotting for revenge. So Ash,and pikachu better be careful this time.

    I love that part.
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    Here's a clue to my last post-
    Listen to me you meddling fools! Do you know that the powe-...
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    That's a cool pic. Where did you find it?

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    Here's some more clues-
    They were produced in 1942

    ...after a close examination, I send it back again into space...
    ...Experiments Must Cease Says Mayor

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    Okat everything's great oldychamp. What happened next?
    I am here to help others to solve their problem,and I'm also the big fan of Kissshipping. But right now, I'm an Amourshipper.

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    PART 4

    It was barely sunrise when Ash and Whitney woke up. They heard rain sprinkling on their tent, and soon thunder rumbled.

    Scared of the thunder, they embraced each other and Whitney stuttered “I hope we don’t get hit,” and held on until the raindrops got quieter.

    When they let go, Ash sat up, put his hand on Whitney’s bare legs, and lightly stroked them. Whitney then gave a barely noticeable smile, put her hand on Ash’s bare chest, and rubbed it. She then hummed a soothing tune that made them both fall asleep again until the rain stopped. They finally woke up and got ready to go when it began to clear up.

    Ash put a red-netted tank top, with navy shorts, and his slides when he got out of the tent to continue his journey. Whitney had a pink and orange halter top, yellow shorts that hardly went below her hip, and brown fisherman sandals.

    “That is soooo cute!” Ash shouted with glee upon seeing Whitney.

    Whitney smiled and chuckled back. “You know I like to look impressive.”

    Ash and Whitney agreed to go on to Cherrygrove’s Pokémon Center. As soon as the Nurse Joy saw Whitney, she called Whitney up to the front counter.

    “I have an important message for you,” Joy said as she opened a notice e-mail and printed it. She then handed the printout to Whitney.

    The message said “There will be a special Board of Directors meeting Tonight at seven in the Goldenrod Gym. It is concerning the re-instatement of the previous leaders of the Goldenrod, Ecruteak, and Blackthorn Gyms. A league-wide citizen and gym employee petition was filed last week, validated, and will be debated at this conference. Public welcome.”

    Whitney began to shudder in fear that she would not make it to the meeting. “How do we get there in this much time?” she asked nervously.

    “I can get you there” said a man sitting on the bench at the wall near the entry door. He was in his thirties, about as tall as Whitney, and had dark brown hair. “Come with me,” he said as he, along with Whitney and Ash went out to the parking area.

    “So what do you need to accomplish there?” the man asked.
    “We’re going to the league board’s meeting tonight at that gym” Ash answered.

    The man replied, “Really, So am I. By the way, I’m Chuck Goldstein, Johto League Trustee, Third District.” He then turned to face Whitney. “You must be the former Goldenrod gym leader, Whitney.” Charley bellowed.

    The group headed towards a medium-sized supply truck. It was quite old, with rust on the cowl and hood. It had just enough passenger room for three. The group hopped into the truck, but as Chuck tried to start the engine, an eight and one fifth liter diesel, it clunked and backfired, finally started, then clunked and shut down. “Oh come on!” he whined. He held the key in the start position for nearly a minute until it finally fired up. When it did, it gave a whistling roar. All three could immediately smell the exhaust fumes that the engine emitted as the engine rumbled, ready to take off. Chuck eventually got the vehicle headed towards Goldenrod.

    Chuck dropped Ash and Whitney off at the Pokémon Center, and told them that he would see them later at the gym.
    Whitney linked arms with Ash and took him to her house.

    “You know sweetie,” said Ash. “It’s a coincidence that we’ve even met this way.”

    “I don’t think it is,” Whitney blushed.

    They both smiled and laughed before they settled down to flirt once again.

    Whitney began with “When you rescued Pikachu, it felt like the old times again”

    Ash continued “reminds me of when he bumped into your Clefairy”

    “The reason why I didn’t reveal that I was gym leader was because I had my feelings for you”

    “You let your guard down on the second match at Milton’s farm.”

    “I could feel the warmth of your hands when you took the Plain Badge.”
    “After we split for the first time, I dreamt of having you along with Misty and Brock.”

    Whitney then gave Ash a big hug, ending the conversation.

    Later they headed out towards the gym, where the board meeting would soon begin. They then encountered Chuck. “Ho, I’ve reserved a front row seat right up there for you Ash,” he said as he pointed to the front guest seating. Ash sat down in the front row, with Pikachu on his lap, enabling him to hear the upcoming debate in depth.

    A few minutes later, when more guests came in, the meeting was about to be called to order. The league’s president, who was rather thin, and wore a black judge’s robe over a business suit, stepped up to the podium. As soon as all the trustees and guests were settled in, he grabbed the gavel and pounded.

    “This special Johto Board of Directors meeting will come to order.”

    He then gave roll call. “Vice President, David Phelps.”

    “Here” the Vice president responded.
    “Treasurer Jennifer Nile”
    “Secretary Carol Vontage”
    “Trustees, District one, William Majestic”
    “District two, Janet Riley”
    “District three, Charley Goldstein”
    “District four, Peter VanGram”
    “District five, Carey Flynn”
    “Here, your honor”
    “District six, Will Morris”
    “District seven, Mary Shelton”
    “District eight, Ronald Thetford”

    “Okay. This special Board of Directors Meeting has been called to discuss the reinstatement of three former Johto Gym Leaders” the president announced.

    “They are Whitney Silvers of Goldenrod, Morty June of Ecruteak, and Clair Kent of Blackthorn. A petition has been submitted to our board a week ago. After its validation, we will have this debate as required by law,” President Robert Hill droned on. “Will the three gym leaders slated for reinstatement please come to the stand?” he asked.

    Clair began the talk by starting with “We still cannot find a solid reason for the loss of our jobs. Even though there were rumors that gym leader positions would be cut, Trustee Thetford, of my district, promised he would fight to keep my job.

    “We found prior to the firing, that one of Clair’s employee’s trainer license had been suspended.” Mrs. Flynn noted

    “Objection” Clair shouted back. “The employee being questioned here claims he was never notified of such punishment.”

    Trustee Thetford responded by saying “According to official records, his license had been suspended before, but not at the time of firing. I have documents to prove it.” He then handed some papers to the president for him to review.

    After review, the truth was uncovered “Objection sustained”, President Hill stated. “Any more?”

    “I don’t think so” Clair answered.

    “On to Morty of Ecruteak” Hill called.

    Morty began his round with “I was told to make my mind on a decision by the League recently to build a new gym building to replace my current one. When I responded in opposition, I was given notice that work would soon begin. After taking my complaint to the League’s administration offices, I was told that my gym leader seat would be threatened with revocation. I was never told why, not even after that next board meeting, in which afterwards, apparently, I was fired.”

    The board secretary responded, “We found that your operation needed expansion, something that your current building couldn’t accommodate.”
    Morty objected. “There were going to be improvements done on the current building a few years ago.”

    Mrs. Flynn debuked Morty’s comment. “We analyzed the current gym building prior to the firing. We determined that it was necessary to build a new gym instead of repairing the present one.”

    “No such analysis took place,” Trustee Thetford remarked. “If so, then there would be entries in the property maintenance logs. There were no such entries of this questioning when I checked yesterday.”

    “At our board meeting two months ago, we voted to do an analysis of all gym buildings controlled by this League,” the president stated.

    “Those votes were not in the board minutes,” Trustee Thetford objected.

    “You were absent from that meeting,” Secretary Vontage told Trustee Thetford.

    “One of the people in my office took notes of that meeting. I remember,” Thetford bounced back. “There were no references to any analysis of any property for that matter.”

    “Thetford was at that meeting, although he was a half-hour late. I made copies of all recent attendance records,” said Trustee Charles Goldstein.

    Vice president David Phelps pulled out a binder containing all the notes from previous board meetings. After looking carefully, he determined “There were no such decisions anywhere in this binder of notes.”

    The president said “Both cases ready to be voted on later. Now it takes us to Whitney of Goldenrod.”

    “H’mkay,” Trustee Peter VanGram, of Goldenrod’s Trustee district, and Whitney responded, with VanGram going into the conversation first. “It has been known for years… possibly since this gym opened sixty-seven years ago, that the Goldenrod Gym has had a bad rep for being a pushover.”

    “I object” Whitney shouted. “Under my leadership, the gym leader’s win rate has dramtically increased since I took position.”

    “But as recently as two years ago, the leader’s win rate dropped,” Trustee VanGram said back.

    “It was entirely a coincidence,” Whitney said. “I had grabbed some new Pokémon for gym battles, and I was training them in that process.”

    “Sustained” the president called out.

    “Also,” Whitney continued, “I was not given any notice that I would lose my job. The agenda for the last board meeting before my firing did not mention anything about this. My contract was active for another five years. I was told one thing, then another.

    “Could I see the board agenda notes?” Trustee Goldstein whispered to the Vice president.

    The vice president handed the notebook to Trustee Goldstein and he read out that “It says here decision will me made on whether to terminate the leader seats of Falkner Wright of Violet, as well as Ecruteak and Blackthorn, but not Goldenrod.”

    The crowd began to murmur, causing the president to tap the gavel two times. “We will now vote on whether to reinstate these three gym leaders,” he said as he was handed an packet of papers that would record each board member’s votes. “Roll Call Vote number one-Should the position of the Gym Leader of Blackthorn be reinstated?”

    Starting with the vice president, from the secretary, to the treasurer, and then to the ascending trustee districts, the board members called for “Yes, no, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, no”

    After the president recorded the votes and marked his opposition, he stated “Issue of reinstating Clair Kent as gym leader of Blackthorn passed, seven-to-five. Now, to vote on number two-Should the Position of the Gym Leader of Ecruteak be reinstated?”

    The board members responded with “No, no, no, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes”

    “Issue of reinstating Morty June as gym leader of Ecruteak tied,” said the president.”

    “Excuse me, but I changed my mind, I now support” Trustee Riley said.

    “Issue passed, seven-to-five.” The president prepared for the final vote, Whitney. “Final Vote-Should the Position of the Gym Leader of Goldenrod be reinstated?”

    The board member’s final response was “Yes, yes, no, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, yes”

    “Issue passed, nine-to-three” the president announced, “All three gym leaders discussed here tonight will have their jobs re-instated, effective immediately. Meeting adjourned,” as he pounded the gavel for the final time, dismissing the board.

    The crowd audience began to chatter about the meeting while they left the gym building.

    A few minutes after all the board members, as well as Morty and Clair emptied and left the gym, Whitney and Ash were the only ones left. “Come with me,” she whispered to Ash as she took his arm and went to the press box upstairs.
    When the two were in the press box, which looked more like a movie theater’s projection booth, Whitney spoke to Ash about her being re-instated as gym leader “I’ve got my wish.”
    Ash felt relieved for a minute, and then suddenly drooped his head looking at the floor, and felt tears running in his eyes.

    “What’s wrong?” Whitney asked sweetly.

    “Looks like this means goodbye,” Ash sobbed. Pikachu began to cry as well

    “You’re more than welcome to stay at the gym with me,” Whitney said as she tried to cheer Ash up.

    “I think I will,” Ash continued, sobbing louder than before, as he felt Whitney’s hand on his back. “I care about you very much, my sweetheart. I love you with all my heart.”

    Whitney blushed, then began to cry along with Ash as she hugged him. “I love you very much too.”

    After they lightened up, they went up onto the roof of the gym, and gazed at the sunset. Ash suddenly grabbed Whitney’s hand, held it in his hands for a while before kissing it. They went back into the gym, went back into the projection booth, where they flirted some more.

    “Do you think we’ll end up married?” Ash asked reluctantly.

    Whitney dropped her jaw wide open, and her eyes were glowing with love. “I bet we will!” as she glomped him, and gave him a French kiss. “Good night sweetie,” Whitney gently lulled Ash, already asleep. After a few minutes, Whitney fell asleep, right alongside Ash.

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    ^^ How sweet. Me like it!!! Good job.

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    I like it too.
    I am here to help others to solve their problem,and I'm also the big fan of Kissshipping. But right now, I'm an Amourshipper.

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    Default Details

    The moment you've been waiting for : Details that I did not want to disclose in the story.

    PART 1
    -even illegal tazers to stop me
    The tazer that TR had carried up to 60Kv (60,000 volts)

    -nearby diner
    It was a beach-side cafe that Whitney loved to go to.

    -electric transmission line
    To be specific, it was a 345Kv (345,000 volts) trunkline carried by lattice pylons around 45m tall.

    PART 2
    -The Star Nine
    This theater has nine screens

    -original Charlie Gracie single, placed it on the turntable to play “Butterfly."
    This record was originally released in 1957, on Philadelphia's Cameo Records, number 105. It cannot be found on Compact Disc because ABKCO owns the rights to the Cameo-Parkway library, and will not release anything from it.

    -a roadblock. It was a sleeping Snorlax.
    It was near the same place Sudowoodo was in the games

    PART 3
    -Location of TR stronghold
    Somewhere south of Dark Cave, about a mile or two outside Violet

    -Invasion sequence, where the police cut the power cables and jamb the turbine, also the dome on the HQ
    From an Superman cartoon entitled "The Magnetic Telescope" (1942)

    -Attention: We have intruders inside the main garrison. Initiate Security LockDown.
    Rax Joris said something similar in "Jedi Academy"

    PART 4
    -medium-sized supply truck. It was quite old, with rust on the cowl and hood:
    A mid-1980s GMC 7000

    -eight and one fifth liter diesel
    Specifically, it was an 8.2 liter Detroit Diesel

    Also the name of a township in Genesee County, Michigan

    -“Excuse me, but I changed my mind, I now support”
    Trustee Riley did this soley to let the issue of reinstating Morty's gym leadership pass.

    I'll have more as I can think of them.
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    Hmmm... I like it. You just drew me into liking a 3rd AshxSomeone ship.

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    I'm thinking of a sequel. Any ideas?

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    Let's about Ash x Whitney go on a romantic trip together, and something happens...I don't know...

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