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Rated - G

A Pair of Two Doubles

Chapter 1 -- “Reaching a New Town”

The rustling of leaves and twigs on the grassy floor was barely heard, for the sound of bamboos, or what looked like bamboos, being pushed to the side was definitely louder. This was a different kind of bamboo patch. Instead of lots of these wierd trees being clustered together, they were apart from each other. Not too far; it was still hard to walk between them, but not too close together as to not being able to walk there at all.

Three young Pokémon trainers walked through this awkward place: a ten year old boy from Pallet Town, a twelve year old girl from Cerulean City and a fourteen year old boy from Pewter City. Joining them was a yellow mouse-like Pokémon that kept leaping from side to side, avoiding the pointy twigs from hurting its tiny little paws. It was Pikachu, Ash’s first Pokémon and best buddy. Another Pokémon was kept outside of its pokéball too: it was Togepi, a small and yellow baby Pokémon that was still kept inside the shell of its egg. Or was that shell part of its body? Nobody knew for certain, but that didn’t stop it from being tightly held by its trainer, Misty, against her body. It felt safe, so safe that it had fallen asleep.

Even though they were now headed to Viridian City before returning to Pallet, the five of them were still in the region of Johto, and the Johto League had just ended. The youngest trainer, Ash, had made the top 8th place in this league. Although kind of disappointed for not actually being the champion, he was very proud of himself, especially considering in what place he had come in in the league in Kanto, which was the 16th place. He also knew that his friends were very proud of him, especially his best friends: Misty and Brock. He even knew that his life-long rival, Gary, was proud.

Ash blew away a leaf that was tickling his face. “Brock, I’m getting tired... Do you have any idea of when we are actually going to get to the next town?”, he asked while reaching out to open himself a path through the stubborn trees.

“Beats me. I thought we would’ve reached it by now, but apparently, I was wrong. Unless we took the wrong path...” Brock, the oldest trainer, stopped to check his guidebook again. It was quite hard, though. The whole place seemed kind of dark.

“Brock!” This was Misty. She may look sweet, but she was a pretty tough cookie. “If you have any love for your life, you’d better be kidding!”

“Why, Misty? These things happen sometimes...” Ash knew he shouldn’t, but he usually did stick himself in the middle of conversations before thinking twice about what he should say.

Misty shot one of her ‘are you talking to me?’ glares at him. Brock saw this, and since he didn’t want to get caught in the upcoming fight between them, he just started walking straight ahead again. Pikachu followed.

“Oh, you don’t say! We wouldn’t even be here right now if it weren’t for you and your famous ‘let’s take a shortcut through here’ stupid stunt always leading us to the middle of nowhere!” She stuck her face in front of his and he could tell he shouldn’t continue. Too bad he only realized that after he opened his mouth.

“Well, if you think it’s a ‘stupid stunt always leading us to the middle of nowhere’, why’d you follow?” He came closer to her and stared straight into her eyes.

“Isn’t it obvious? Brock decided to go too! I couldn’t just stay there alone!”

“Well, why not? It would have saved us a lot of trouble if you had!”

“Sorry, but I don’t plan on doing anything to make your life easier!” As she said this, Misty pulled herself away a bit, as in trying to calm down.

“Oh, really? I think you should know that you’re doing a marvelous job, then!” He crossed his arms as he said this.

“Thank you for noticing! Now when are you gonna start doing a good job at anything?”

They just kept on yelling at each other. It was practically impossible to get them to stop.

Brock, who was way ahead of them, caught a glimpse of light when he pushed aside one of the bamboo-like trees.

“Hey! Look, Pikachu! I think that’s it!” Brock looked at Pikachu and they both smiled. That didn’t last long, though. They both soon looked back and sighed as Ash and Misty argued some more.

“Argh. Pikachu, how do you think Togepi can sleep through all of that?” He once again looked at the Pokémon on the floor. Pikachu’s shrug followed a “Pika...”.

“Ash! Misty! We found it! The town is just ahead!” Brock yelled from where he was standing. Pikachu waved its arms around so that its trainer and his friend would notice them.

Ash and Misty both stopped arguing at the same time to face Brock. Brock had good timing; from the looks of it, they were almost ready to attack each other.

“Finally! Now get out of my face, Ash!” Misty yelled as she punched his shoulder. That made Ash lose his balance, making him move a few steps to the left.

“Argh!” Ash put his hand over his ‘newly-punched’ shoulder. “You didn’t have to tell me to get out of your ugly face, you know? I can tell if something’s not pretty!”

Misty just walked on after hearing this remark, although she couldn’t help but let a “Humpf!” escape. She ocasionally skipped a rock or two until she reached Brock.

“Look, Misty! There it is!”

“Wow! It’s so beautiful, Brock!” She turned around and saw Ash slowly coming towards them. He was so tired, he looked like he was practically dragging himself. “Will ‘ya hurry up? I’m tired too! I need a good night’s sleep after having to put up with you all day!” She then turned back to the city and started running towards it. “Come on, Brock! We gotta go to the Pokémon Center before there aren’t any rooms left!” she said as she looked back at Brock.

“Hey, if that means seeing a Nurse Joy, count me in!” Brock rushed over to Misty and even out ran her! She sweatdropped at this, and so did Ash, who was left behind.


Once Ash had gotten close enough to Pikachu, his Pokémon jumped to his arm, climbed it and rested on his shoulder. “Pikapi, chu kapika pi?” If Ash actually could understand what Pikachu said, he would’ve answered truthfully. But since he could only understand Pikachu’s names for them, he just guessed an answer.

“Yeah...” Pikachu knew he didn’t understand the question, but that didn’t matter to it. It just wanted his friend to be cheerful again, although it knew Ash was just pretty much being himself.

Ash followed Brock and Misty down a somewhat steep hill to the town. He had to run to keep up, because he could no longer see Brock, and he realized that if he didn’t do anything about it, he would lose Misty from sight too.

Unfortunately, on his way down, he tripped over a rock and started stumbling down the hill! Pikachu went flying off his shoulder and hit the floor.

As he rolled down, all he could do was think about how his Pokémon was. He managed to try to yell, “Pikachu! Are you okay?”, but it came out more like, “Pika... you... ay?”. As he asked this, he noticed he was starting to roll faster.

Pikachu stood up, shook its head as to clear its mind and saw its trainer. And his sad fate.

“Pikachupi! Pikachupi!” Pikachu started pointing to the direction Ash was going. It also started to move around like crazy. Ash couldn’t see any of this, but he could hear it.

‘Pikachupi’? If I’m not mistaken, Pikachu calls one of us like that! I’m pretty sure I’m ‘Pikapi’ to him, and ‘Pipipi’ is Togepi... ‘Pikachupi’... No... That couldn’t be...



Ash had hit something. Nope, not something, it was more of like a ‘someone’. And now this someone and Ash himself were tumbling down the hill.

“Ash! What do you think you’re doing?” Misty screamed as she held Togepi closer. She wanted to be sure it’d be safe.

“Hey, why are you yelling at me for? This isn’t my idea of fun either!”

“If you hurt my Togepi, I swear I’ll...”

“I’d never hurt a Pokémon!”

Brock, who had actually reached the entrance of the town, looked back, a bit irritated, and said, “What’s all that fuss back there? You guys are ruining my daydreams of Nurse Joy! I can’t even hear myself think and...” He finally realized what he was looking at: two pairs of legs and one pair of arms were flying around in a disastrous way from a rolling ball made of two human bodies.

“Ash? Misty? How can those two keep yelling at each other when they’re in the middle of something like that?” Brock asked himself. He looked at what was ahead of the two: it was a wall that separated the town from the area where wild Pokémon could roam freely.

“Look out, you guys!”


Their trip was finally over. Both were upside down: Ash’s back hit the wall and Misty’s hit his chest.

Misty immediately straightened herself up and turned to Ash, crouched down.

“Are you okay?” She actually looked worried, and Ash couldn’t be more surprised.

“I’m gonna be fine,” Ash replied while standing up. He didn’t even look at Misty, but he could tell she looked up at him while he stood.

Brock and Pikachu rushed up to Ash and Misty.

“Hey, how are you two?” Brock asked.

Misty didn’t mean to ignore him, but she did.

“You don’t have to be such a snob, ‘ya know! I was rolling down that hill because of you, not the other way around!” She just felt the need to yell this at Ash.

This time, Ash was the one ignoring Misty. “I’m okay, Brock! Now let’s head to that Pokémon Center!”

“Ooh! Nurse Joy!” Brock was once again love-struck. He started skipping as he headed for the town entrance. Ash started to follow as soon as his trusty Pikachu leaped to his shoulder and sat there again.

Misty had been staring at them all this time, with a face that was partly sadened and partly angered. She stood up and looked at her Togepi, who was almost crying. She started rocking it in her arms and said in a soft voice, “It’ll be alright.” She actually didn’t know if she said that to Togepi or to herself.

Before Ash entered the town, he looked back at one of his best friends. “She’ll be alright...” he said to himself in a low voice. Pikachu let out a “Chu...” in agreement. Ash once again set off in search of the Pokémon Center.

Misty let out another one of her snorts and just started running towards the entrance of the town. “Wait for me! Ash Ketchum!”

As soon as Ash realized this, he began running too. “See?”, he chuckled to himself with a grin rested on his face.

--- End Chapter 1---