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Thread: Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon

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    Fennekin since I love foxes, except that Delphox looked messed up. I liked Doublade and Noivern too.

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    Liked many this gen, in particular: Frogadier + Greninja, Fletchling + Fletchinder, Litleo + Pyroar, Aegislash, Goomy + Goodra, Amaura + Aurorus, Tyrantrum, Noivern, Xerneas + Yveltal + Zygarde

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    My favorites:

    Slyveon: I'm a Eeveelution fantatic, so this one is a given. Plus the colors and ribbon, so girly and so cute. Also was quite a powerful member of my team, I called mine 'the finisher' in the tough battles.

    Espurr: How can you not love the look of having seen unholy destruction that this kitty has in it's eyes?

    Noivern: Just a really awesome design overall.

    Amaura/Arorus: My favorite kind of Dino, and so beautiful!

    Skiddo/Gogoat: I love goats, so this line was perfect for me.

    Fennekin: Love this starter! but it's too bad about it going bi-ped....

    Xerneas: I instantly fell in love with this deer! So powerful and elegant.

    There are a few others I really liked but these are the top ones that come to mind.

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    I pretty much like them all except Quiladin. That thing’s in-Game face is creepy. That blank stare reminds me of Jack Nicholson in The Shining the moment he went insane. I keep picturing Quiladin plotting on stabbing me as I sleep.

    But back on topic, I especially love Klefki and Inkay/Malamar in terms of design and usefulness. I also am fond of Greninja and Hawlucha.
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    ...Does Mega Lucario count as a geno 6 pokemon? If yes, he's my fav. No doubt. If no, then I like Sylveon most^^
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