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Thread: Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon

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    Here are some of my favorites in Gen 6:

    1. Aegislash: It is my favorite overall because of it's typing (Steel/Ghost), the design of the sword and shield, and this pokemon helped me win the Elite 4 and especially the Champion almost single handedly (running King's Shield, Iron Head, Sacred Sword, and Shadow Claw). Also, Stance Change is a wonderful ability that gives Aegislash some versatility compared to other gen 6 pokemon.

    2. Aurorus: I'm a huge Ice type lover and despite it's weaknesses, the design of the pokemon was superb and it has access to Freeze-Dry (which is great for pesky water types).

    3. Chesnaught: This was the first fully-evolved starter in Gen 6 and I enjoyed ever second with Chesnaught helping me win my battles against Team Flare.

    4. Greninja: Great typing, excellent movepool + protean makes Greninja a winner.

    5. Hawlucha: I've been waiting for a Fighting-Flying type for a long time and Hawlucha fulfills my desire and then some.

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    Despite not being my favourite games in the series, I freaking [I]love[I] the Pokémon in X/Y. I think Xernas and Yveltal are some of the best designed legendaries since Gen 3. I also really love the starter's base forms, Littleo, Tyrantrum, Barbaracle, Dragalge, Clawitzer and Gogoat. I'm probably forgetting a bunch, too. So many great designs!

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    My faves from Kalos are Pancham, Honedge, Litleo, Skiddo/Gogoat, Clauncher, Inkay, Pumpkaboo, and Noibat. Mostly cuddly Pokemon lol.

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    Once again, i'll post my top 5 like i did with other generations :

    1. Greninja : The first Dark type starter pokemon.. It's my ideal perfect pokemon given that it's speed stats is very high and it's a water type pokemon (my favorite from the series) which make it not only my favorite pokemon from Gen VI, but also one of my all time favorite pokemon so far..

    2. Xerneas : The member of Mortality duo.. It's the first Fairy type Legendary Pokemon and also my first Fairy type in my team back in XY.. I like it's design which is great even compare to other Legendary from other generation

    3. Aegislash : Being a Steel type it's also have an advantage for me (given that steel is one of my favorite type), combine it with ghost and it become something completely unique.. I also like the fact that it capable to change form which made it become much more interesting as well

    4. Yveltal : Another member of Mortality duo.. Just like Xerneas, it also has one of the best design even compare to previous generations legendary.. While i haven't tried to play it yet, i thought that it's interesting given that it's pokedex entry is one of the most terrifying that i ever seen

    5. Goodra : The pseudo-legend of Kalos region.. While i don't use it myself, the fact that it's share a lot of similarity with Dragonite made me easily like it a lot.. I guess i'll try to use it when i start Pokemon Y later on..

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    My favorite Kalos Pokémon are...

    • Greninja
    • Honedge
    • Pyroar
    • Gogoat
    • Talonflame
    • Hawlucha
    • Goodra
    • Phantump
    • Dragalge
    • Clauncher
    • Noivern
    • Xerneas
    • Yveltal
    • Diancie

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    All gen 6 legendary Pokemon

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    Chesnaught and Yveltal. In hindsight, I found a lot of Gen 6 extremely forgettable, but those two are Pokemon that've always stood out from it. As a matter of fact, Chesnaught's actually tied for favourite starter and favourite Grass-type for me with Venusaur. And when you consider that Dark-type is the only type I like better than Grass-types, it's honestly quite impressive for something from a Generation I typically forget about to be a favourite of mine.

    Honestly, though, Chesnaught's just so fun to use. It can take a hit, and retaliate pretty efficiently. I actually fell in love with it when I tried to use Pokemon I wouldn't typically use one time, and most times, it ends up being my starter of choice for those games.
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    Well, my signature basically displays my top six not counting Xerneas, but my overall favorite from Gen 6 has somehow turned out to be Sylveon. I actually love Gen 6 in general, and find it to have one of the best sets of native species ever - far beyond the incredibly subpar designs of Unova and the moderately good designs in Sinnoh - but Sylveon stands a head above the rest of its generation. It's incredibly powerful and bulky, has access to the surprisingly epic Pixilate / Hyper Voice combo, and it's beautifully designed. I'd literally make it the mascot of the generation if I had creative input at Game Freak or TPC. My ace in X is a Sylveon - obviously with the aforementioned ability-move combo, as well as Swift, Wish, and Protect - named Pixel, and he never lets me down!
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    Noivern and Dragalge are my favourites. I just really like their designs. I usually prefer the cuter Pokémon but there's not really too many of them in Gen VI.
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    Noivern and Aegislash, but man I remember so few Gen 6 mons.

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    I think my favorite Pokémon introduced in this generation is Slurpuff. I was rather neutral on Swirlix at the beginning: it was certainly a cute, newly-revealed Pokémon at the time, but I was still waiting for it to wow me. There was something about Slurpuff that appealed me right away that made me say 'I find it so odd... I love it. I want it.' Something about its quirky and innocent look... It has had a well-deserved spot on my X team ever since.

    Honorable mentions to female Meowstic (that threatening look and that fur scarf... love it!), Heliolisk (simple but very original and creative design! I also like the evolution method) and Tyrantrum (I'm a real fan of dinosaurs... can't help it!).
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