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Thread: Your favorite Gen 6 Pokemon

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    I'm with the mainstream people. I have a list of my 20 most favorite Pokemon across six generations, and Greninja is on top of my generation 6 list. Goodra and Pyroar comes in next.

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    Greninja and Chesnaught :3
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    Personally it's gotta be Greninja. He's a water ninja! It's like a naruto reference! His Water Shuriken is so awesome!
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    I really loved the gen 6 roster there is only like 6 pokemon i dislike. But my favorite has to be Greninja, I love its ability protean and its design.

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    I've been using one in my second play-through of Y, and I'm really taking a liking to Aurorus the more I use it. Because of it's two 4X weaknesses it has, I thought I was going to box Amaura after like the first couple battles I put it in. Kind of the same situation as when I used Furfrou in my second X play-through, I suppose.

    I'm really enjoying it's ability, as well (Refrigerate + Hyper Voice is an amazing combination, in my opinion.)

    I also have to say it has a really gorgeous design, too.

    At this rate, it just might become my seventh top favorite Pokemon.

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    XY didn't have a big pool of Pokemon to choose from, but I have a few that I like.

    I really like Froakie/Frogadier/Greninja because they look amazing. Shiny Greninja is amazing as well. Greninja was my favorite Generation 6 Starter by far.

    Fletchling/Fletchinder/Talonflame are cool as well. I usually like the Regional birds for each region, except for the Pidove line. The Fletchling line was no exception, Talonflame is amazing and I love it's design.

    Sylveon. Definitely one of my favorite Eeveelutions out there. It's really good and it has an amazing design. I hear it is widely used in competitive play.
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    Greninja, Pumpkaboo/Gourgeist, Phantump, Espurr/Meowstic, Pyroar, Inkay, Goodra...

    Something along those lines! I love Psychic and Ghost types, and lions, and ninjas and calamari is yummy... Goodra's voice in the dub is special but I like the design/using it in XY.

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    Favorite Gen 6...Man that's hard. So I'll just name some. Furfrou, Slurpuff, Mega Gardevoir, Goodra, Gourgeist, Xerneas, Fennekin, Diggersby, Klefki, Sylveon, Hawlucha, Mega Absol, Florges, Clawitzer.
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    Talonflame was part of my team that beat the elite four the first time around.

    Dragons are always my favourite so of course Dragalge who is based on a sea dragon is included.

    Heliolisk is a cute little lizard and not to mention a wicked cool electric pokemon.

    Aurorus is a elegant dinosaur yet is simply beautiful.

    Noivern is a wicked cool looking bat!

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    I found it's design quite fascinating being based off of a sword and shield and drawn inspiration from Excalibur. Aegislash's 2 forms (Blade Forme, and Shield Forme) stood out to me, due to the fact that it can take advantage of it's offensive presence in Blade Forme, while also making an impact on defense thanks to it's Shield Forme. The typing of Steel/Ghost is the only typing that is shared within' the evolutionary line. In my opinion, I think Aegislash has the best alternate color when it comes to shiny Pokémon.


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    As unpopular as it is, I actually really like Aromatisse. I wanted to include it on my team since Coro Coro released Spritzee, but it ended up being on Y when I got X. I think it has an interesting design, despite what anyone says.

    Goodra is freaking adorable. I just love its bubbly personality even after evolving, it's like an overgrown child! And its shiny is kind of cool too.

    Gogoat makes for an interesting teammate, and I'm glad I used one in my playthrough team. He may be NU, but you'd be surprised how well he can pull his own weight in battle.

    Aurorus is such a lovely Pokemon. I kept one in my playthrough team, and now even use one competitively. I've used one against higher tiers, and has been able to pull through quite a number of times! Aurora Dino is not one to underestimate

    Hawlucha is another favorite for personal reasons. It's not just because I'm Mexican that Hawlucha really speaks to me, but because of personal family reasons that makes Hawlucha so valuable to me.

    Lastly, Florges. She's so beautiful, and incredibly useful. Sure, she's doesn't have the best abilities in single battles, but she's still quite a monster if used properly.
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    Mine's Yveltal, mostly due I like the concept about it, but also the many ways you can draw this pokemon! The typing also appeals to me, dark and flying, and as plush, it's screaming for hugs!
    Also, the Noivern line, so Noibat and Noivern, are other two pokemon I love from this generation! I love bats, Noivern looks awesome and Noibat is just too cute! They're purple and I love that color, and when shiny, they're my favorite type of blue! Not to mention how cute they are in pokeamie~ I just had to capture these pokemon the moment they were revealed!

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    Amaura and Aurorus, simply because I love their designs even when their have many weakness. Used them even and did not dissapoint and amanaged to take down many strong Pokemon, and in an battle he won by himself a situation that appeared lost by freezing my opponents... so the Pokemon does have place among my favorites.

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    Spritzee line of course. Next would be Sylveon, Goodra and Amaura.

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    Well other than the starter, greninja, I'd say Tyrantrum. He just looks so badass. I'm a sucker for royal-ish pokemon so yeah.
    The shiny version is even nicer too.

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    Here are my favorite Kalos Pokémon:

    Fennekin-Braixen-Delphox: I thought Fennekin was cute. And I thought Delphoc had a great design and typing.
    Froakie-Frogadier-Greninja: Great water types to uses and really fast.
    Flabebe-Floette-Florges: I liked these fairy types and they were fun to use
    Skiddo-Gogoat: I like their typings and designs as well. And you could ride on them
    Pancham-Pangoro: I love them because they are pandas and their typings are good too
    Helioptile-Heliolisk: I just like their typings and designs in general
    Tyrunt-Tyrantrum: I think it's an awesome dinosaur Pokémon with a great typing and moveset.
    Amaura-Aurorus: I also like the typing and movesets of these Pokémon
    Sylveon: I love all the Eeveelutions and Sylveon is really pretty.
    Hawlucha: It's really interesting and I like the typing
    Goomy-Sliggoo-Goodra: They are really interesting and I liked Goodra's design. I also like the movesets too.
    Pumpkaboo-Gorgeist: I like their typings and I like they are pumpkins. Reminds me of Halloween.
    Noibat-Noivern: I really like these dragons too. They are really interesting.
    Yveltal: A really cool dark legendary and I love the moveset
    Zygarde: I really like this legendary too but I want the forms too.
    Diancie: I think it's really pretty and I like it's typing too
    Hoopa: I like the typing, use in battle, and I also like it's lore as well

    I have no experience with Volcanion which is why it's not on the list but I think I'll like it too.

    I like the others too but these are my favorites.

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    Definitely Tyrantrum, as what's not to love about a badass T-Rex Pokemon? Aegislash is another one I really like as well, and not just because of how ridiculously OP it is.
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    I LOVED Aurorus (and Amaura), an ice-type long-necked dinosaur is right up my alley. I love the beautiful sails and ice crystals <3 Definitely my favourite Pokemon introduced this gen.

    Top 2-10:
    2. Klefki (mischievous side of fairies, great typing, cute design, and surprisingly usable stats),
    3. Dragalge and Skrelp (I love seahorse-based pokemon, I love its Poison/Dragon typing, and I love it and its pre-evolutions dex entries, Skrelp is also a major cutie),
    4. Delphox and Fennekin (Fire/Psychic is a combination I love almost as much as Ghost/Fire, I think its the perfect end to the Fennekin line, still my favourite Gen 6 Starter),
    5. Mega Sableye (I've always loved Sableye and getting a Mega-Evo made it so much more usable and I love its giant gem),
    6. Gogoat (A great grass-type, I love how its horns are used in feeling connections), I loved using Sawsbuck and this felt like that but better

    (I was going to use the non-legendary ones if we had returned to Kalos):
    7. Carbink (I love its design and lore)
    8. Goodra and Goomy (I still feel like it needed a water-typing, but Dragonite and its line is also heavily associated with water and they don't have it...would have been nice if the goo monster got stab from Aqua Tail, but i still love it and Goomy. Actually, first pseudo-legendary line I've liked this much since Dragonite)
    9. Noibat/Noivern are heavily liked, and for good reason.
    10. Mega Diancie is beautiful and I love it

    Honourable mentions:
    Trevenant and Gourgeist (I adored both, I love the typing and dex entries, I'm not sure what held them back, their stats are pretty okay but I think others just always won out over them, I may still potentially use one or both in future),
    Heliolisk and Helioptile (I felt it was great but it never quite fit in to my team, plus I didn't really like its Normal typing),
    Malamar and Inkay (not my type of pokemon in terms of its uses, but I love its typing and design),
    and Furfrou

    I appreciated the additions of Mega Ampharos, Mega Mawile, Mega Banette, Mega Sceptile and Mega Absol, I also appreciated Mega Heracross, but I'm not all for its design.

    Xerneas and Yveltal have great designs, and I really like their concepts. I just don't feel all that much towards them as box legendaries. We never really learned all that much about them. They are an honourable mention, but as a whole I'm not that passionate about them. I'm scared of birds and yet I picked Y version, but I don't really regret that, I do like Xerneas and its life giving aura but something about Yveltal makes it win out for me. I think I like its sleek aerial design and that its bird-like features feel a bit dragonie to me.

    I actually don't like Braixen or Sliggoo that much despite liking the rest of their lines.
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    Top 10 6th gen for me would be:

    1- Slurpuff
    2- Goodra
    3- Chesnaught
    4- Pangoro
    5- Heliolisk
    6- Avalugg
    7- Clawitzer
    8- Malamar
    9- Greninja
    10- Noivern

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    Personally, my list atm has to be:

    1) Spritzee & Aromatisse
    3) Heliolisk
    4) Chesnaught
    5) Talonflame
    6) Floette
    7) Goodra
    8) Dragalge
    9) Slurpuff
    10) Sylveon
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    This thread made me realize I don't like many Gen VI Pokemon.

    Greninja, Trevenant, Hawlucha and Malamar come to mind when I think of Kalos Pokemon that I like. Design is the most important to me when picking a favourite. I couldn't care less if it's good in battles

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    No particular order:
    Froakie > Frogadier > Greninja
    Fletchling > Fletchinder > Talonflame
    Honedge > Doublade > Aegislash
    Goomy > Sliggoo > Goodra
    Noibat > Noivern

    I also really like 50% Forme and Complete Forme Zygarde.

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    Greninja is my favourite because I'm kind of new to Pokemon and I got X and Y when it came out. Froakie was my first starter ever. I have since played every single other generation including some randomizer runs, but Greninja is still my favourite .

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    I was looking for this thread for a while
    here's my list
    5 . aegislash

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    Goodra - Easily my favorite Pokemon this gen. <3
    Noibat - The anime showed me a much perkier and more animated side it. <3
    Litleo - *litleo_cry.mp3* Such a cutie
    Espurr - I just love how cute it looks even though it can be baneful. Lol.


    Greninja - Mainly for its HA Protean. But I also love its design albeit it took me a while to do so bc I didn't quite understand it at first. Lol.
    Aegislash - Not a fan of its design, but it's a beast in battle.
    Contrary Malamar - This bad b-tch is ready to scalp some Pokemon bald. However, it can be a bit predictable. </3


    Florges line - I really love their elegance. <3
    Aurorus - *aurorus_cry.mp3*
    Delphox line - Pretty girls rock. <3

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