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Thread: Official Serebii Forums Newbie Help & FAQ 2016 Edition - ASK YOUR QUESTIONS HERE

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    Mimik U, PokeTrainer16: What threads are you trying to post in? Did you make sure they weren't closed? (I'm not sure if ASB has a post limit.)

    BulbasaurTeamCiivil: You can't, in advanced editing it looks like you can, but you can't. If you really need to change the name of a thread, PM a mod for that section.
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    Not sure I feel this is the right place to post this, but I've been having a problem with the Serebii forums this evening. Whenever I try to post it comes up with a message "database error". While one would assume that means the plot didn't properly work, when I go back to the main page without trying again or refreshing, it says I've posted. What's weirder is that certain threads aren't updating for me - I can only see what everyone else is posting from 10pm onwards in the "General Speculation Thread" (USUM subforum) if I use the "Go Advanced" mode, which makes everything extremely tedious. Am I the only one with this issue?

    Edit: it seems to have fixed itself now? I'm not sure.
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