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Thread: 20th merch plans

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    I just bought the 20th anniversary Meloetta Plush with money I got over Christmas and it's arriving tomorrow!

    Credit to American--Pi for the amazing banner!

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    I am missing XY Ash so much, who had a typical shonen and handsome looking, perfect for an adventure show, mature, badass and competent, machoic and inspirational, he always seemed to have the fire burning in his eyes, it seemed like he had the drive to be best.
    Do you touch yourself to XY Ash every night?

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    So far these are all the 20th Anniversary plushies I've got: Jirachi, Shaymin, Arceus, Keldeo, Victini, and Darkrai.
    I want to get Genesect as well, and possibly Mew if they ever restock them, but I won't be getting Celebi, Manaphy, or Meloetta, as I'm not a huge fan of those Pokemon.
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    I'm planning on purchasing Pokedoll sized Bulbasaur and Snorlax, although I'll admit, it'll be pricey.

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