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Thread: Pokémon Sun and Moon - General Discussion Thread

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    Has anyone noticed Certain items and pokemon disappearing from your games. Ive had items and event pokemon disaaper from my game... :/
    This isn't something that happens in normal gameplay, though.

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    just finished moon after having completed sun (and i'm halfway through ultra moon ) and let me just say:
    please, nintendo gods, if you're listening, let us skip cutscenes in the next games SOMEHOW. when you make your game have a cutscene in virtually every single area in every single island PLEASE give us an option to skip it in case this isn't our first time playing the game.
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    functionally though, it's one of my favorites. I don't see how they can make the mechanics all that better, just tone down the unnecessarily long and bad story and perhaps make the world feel more substantial. If you told me S/M had the same ultimately sized map as, say, B2/W2, I wouldn't really be surprised, but i would find it hard to believe because everything in s/m just feels so compact and oversaturated.
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