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    I'm currently contemplating the possibility of buying one of the most recent Pokemon Artbooks that have been obtainable in the Japan Pokemon Centers. I've seen the Omega Ruby one but there is also a 20th Anniversary artbook with a CD with cries included. I want to focus on recent books because I don't want to spend to much money nor have issues with scarcity of any kind, but if other artbooks have good quality and are easily available I am interesting in knowing about them.

    Does any of you possess the books I mentioned before? Which one would you recommend me? Do they feature good enough content to warrant an import?

    Thanks in advance for your input!
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    The best art book is for Pokémon Conquest. There's also a great TCG one. Sadly the main series doesn't really have any.
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    It really pisses me off that on 20 years of anime, they never bothered releasing an artbook or even a databook for the show. If it gets outdated, no worry, just release a new one but at least make one.

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