Hello everyone. It's been a long time since I've been on the forums, but I just thought I'd come back to share with you all something I've been working on for many months.

As a long time Pokemon fan, I love Pokken, and as such, I too have a wishlist of Pokemon I'd love to see as fighters in the game. But I do more than just make lists, I supplement them with in-depth write-ups detailing their mechanics and attacks, from their Ranged Attacks to their Burst Mode. As of right now, I have made write-ups for 16 pokemon and I plan to make more. They're on my tumblr, and I will link them here:

In order, Eelektross, Flygon, Latias, Lopunny, Porygon-Z, Salazzle, Vespiquen, Zygarde-10%, Tapu Koko, Registeel, Nihilego, Torterra, Glalie, Aerodactyl, Diancie, and Claydol.

Side note, I wrote Torterra when the Arcade version of Pokken was getting more characters and thus it isn't up to my writing standards now. However, it's thorough and detailed enough that a new write-up would just be repeating all of the important information all over, so I'm leaving it as is. However, Aerodactyl, Diancie, Glalie, and Claydol were all done before Pokken was released for the Wii U and not up to par, so they were rewritten.

If you have the time and patience, I would greatly appreciate you reading them. I'll do more on my tumblr, but I won't be coming back to post about every single new one here. Just thought I'd share what I've done so far with this crowd.