Geodude, it was Disable, I believe, used by Venomoth, that got Torkoal out of Iron Defense. Golduck had nothing to do with it.







Hyuuga. :0

He... *explode*

Okay, let's sum him up. He's hot. He has a frikking conductor's... stick... thing. He has a Pokemon that has been seriously screwed over in the anime. He has a Pokemon that was basically a big kick in the teeth for Ash. (Didn't notice Ash commenting on Charizard... :P Strange. XD!)

And... he's frikking voiced by Akira Ishita, only the BEST SEIYUU EVER. IN THE WORLD. EVER. God, his voice makes me melt. ;o; First heard it in Neon Genesis Evangelion, where he voiced Kaworu. Then heard it again in DN Angel and Meine Liebe, and it never fails in making me weak at the knees. *melt*

HOT. *_*

...Oh, and Keade deserves a big hug. I mean, Venomoth! And she kept switching Pokemon out, and Ash was stupid enough to keep Pokemon like Pikachu in! (Although, it would have been a tad stupid if they kept on changing... XD)

And I'm looking forward to the next, hopefully battle-filled episode. This one seemed a little... rushed. I guess that's the problem with having three battles in one episode. (Although, I think they should have gotten rid of the boring Tetsuya thing and gave more time to Hyuuga... :P)