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I wonder how Ash will defeat Kaebe (is that her name). It is obvious he's going to win (been said before). I reckon to stir things up she might have a ghost pokemon or a dark pokemon. Just have to wait and see...

Phantom Bugsy, Dark Ninja and Alfonso... you guys should apologise (well not so much Alfonso). You guys could get in trouble.
...Keade. ^^

Oh, and yes, I don't have to apologise. He attacked me and was a homophobic while doing so. I reacted in a normal way. Phantom_Bugsy, like myself, hates homophobes. 'Sides, we cover eachother's backs. :3 And neither of us care about 'getting into trouble'. This isn't a playground, and if we get banned in the end... LOL. There's always Bulbagarden for the time we're banned, or MSN. Or you know, Real Life. :P