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    I really enjoyed this episode. I love Quilava and his voice is awesome. Seeing another Charizard was great too. I just love Glalie and his voice is so awesome too. Flame Wheel looked cool as did Heat Wave. I was expecting Wing Attack from Charizard, not Steel Wing but whatever. I liked Clark too, totally unexpected name but hes a neat character. Katie was also cool, bout time we see a kick *** girl character who was beating Ash good. Venomoth's voice annoyed me more than usual. I used to like it but it seems weird now *shrugs* Poor Torkoal got blasted out so early in the match. Dugtrio was neat, yay Pikachu got knocked out early too. Was a really cool ep, i liked it a lot.

    Edit: Forgot to mention Tyson's battle against Aggron :P How could i forget seeing as im full of Sceptile images. I didnt think Sceptile was pronounced they way they said. I've always said Skeptile not like Ceptile. Anyway Sceptile is a cool pokemon and its voice is cool too.
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