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Thread: Favorite Johto Pokémon

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    I really like whenever people talk about the POKEMON first series and the second generations..
    i don't know why but i prefer like it so much..

    me like charizard because it so giant and strong after ash can control it untuk pasang taruhan bola online di warunggol. In final chapter fight with gary it so awesome battle.. not only that chamender is so cute too.. thanks..


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    Quote Originally Posted by Kein View Post
    Espeon and Suicune are my top picks. The runner ups would be the Marill line, Mareep line, Togepi/Togetic, Umbreon, Unown, Porygon 2, Blissey, Ho-Oh and Celebi.
    I used to love Marill and Togepi, but they got so overexposed even before Gen 2 began that I eventually grew to dislike them.

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